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TueFeb 25

National Jessica Day – February 25, 2025

On February 25, we celebrate National Jessica Day. Jessica is derived from the early Hebrew girl name ‘Iscah,’ which means ‘vision’ or ‘sight.’ The name has deep Hebrew roots and means ‘to behold,’ ‘to see before,’ or ‘God beholds’ in its most modern form. Another meaning of Jessica is ‘gift from God’ if the name is derived from its masculine form, Jesse, which translates to ‘gift from God.’ Join us as we celebrate these special people who are said to have the ability to persuade others due to their natural gift of the gab. We hope their cheerful, outgoing, and charming disposition will rub off on all of us.

History of National Jessica Day

Before an appearance in a William Shakespeare play, there is no known usage of the name Jessica. So, despite her Hebrew origins, Jessica could be said to have been created by Shakespeare himself. Many believe the name was coined by William Shakespeare when he introduced Jessica as the daughter of the Jewish moneylender Shylock in his play “The Merchant of Venice.”

The name has gone to become a favorite and was ranked first and second in the U.S. from 1981 to 1997 before dropping out of the top 20 in 2004. From 2000 to 2008, it remained in the top five in England and Wales, reaching the top spot in 2005. Other variations of the name include Iska, Jeska, Yessica, Jessika, Jess, Jessie, and Jesse. We have a number of famous Jessicas and they include Jessica Simpson, Jessie J., and Jessie James Decker and actors Jessica Alba, Jessica Lange, Jessica Biel, and Jessica Chastain.

National Jessica Day provides a platform for us to recognize and celebrate people named Jessica. Name days offer valuable insight into the evolution of names and often act as inspiration for new parents trying to name their newborns. Human names also work quite well for pets and Jessica is no exception. Jessie and Jesse are popular choices for female and male dogs and it’s not difficult to see why. Without a doubt, no matter how you choose to use the name, it usually comes off well.

National Jessica Day timeline

The Birth of a Musician

American musician Jessica Simpson is born in Abilene, Texas on July 10.

An Author is Born

Critically-acclaimed young adult author Jessica Warman is born on April 17.

Simpson Signs with Sony

Jessica Simpson signs with Sony Music on January 1.

Jessica Watson Sails the Globe

Australian sailor, Jessica Watson, embarks on a solo attempt at global circumnavigation at the age of 16.

National Jessica Day FAQs

What is the personality of people named Jessica?

Jessica is a name that suggests a gift of ‘gab’ — the ability to easily persuade others. Jessicas are expressive, upbeat, outgoing, and motivating.

How is Jessica pronounced?

In English, the name Jessica is pronounced: ‘JESS-i-ka.’ The name is typically pronounced ‘YEH-see-ka’ by Germans and Dutch. Scandinavians pronounce it ‘YEHS-si-ka.’

What religion is the name Jessica affiliated to?

Due to the name’s Hebrew background, people with the name tend to be followers of Judaism.

National Jessica Day Activities

  1. Trace your namesakes

    You'd be surprised how many people around the world share your name. If you look hard enough, you might even find a few near you.

  2. Share your joy via social media

    If you take your name day seriously, you may be able to inspire others to do the same. Share the significance of the day and your plans for celebrating it with your friends and followers on any social platform where you have a large following.

  3. Have fun with family and friends

    Invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating your special day. You don’t need an excuse to celebrate with them, but it’s nice to know you have one anyway.

5 Facts About Jessica Biel

  1. She dreamed of the big stage

    She began her career as a vocalist and appeared in musicals throughout her childhood.

  2. She is mommy's little girl

    Biel and her mother are extremely close, and they ‘have a blast’ going on adventures, traveling, or simply sipping wine together.

  3. She has a fascinating hobby

    It has been reported that she collects vintage sunglasses without lenses.

  4. She’s an avid hiker

    One of Biel’s achievements is that she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro which is Africa's highest peak.

  5. No sync noted with husband

    Biel admitted that while her husband was a member of the legendary boy band N' SYNC, she is not a fan.

Why We Love National Jessica Day

  1. We get to learn new things

    Everyone is encouraged to learn more about their names by participating in name days. We get to hear firsthand from our parents the true inspirations for our given names.

  2. We get to enjoy ourselves

    It is never a waste of time to appreciate yourself. Celebrating your name promotes self-esteem and acceptance through the power and deep meaning they hold.

  3. Taking part in name-related activities can be fun

    Every day your name is celebrated, there are always activities you can participate in to celebrate. Participating in activities such as this helps us meet new people and build lasting connections.

National Jessica Day dates

2025February 25Tuesday
2026February 25Wednesday
2027February 25Thursday
2028February 25Friday
2029February 25Sunday

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