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TueJul 16

National Jerry Day – July 16, 2024

National Jerry Day, celebrated on July 16 annually, is an international holiday of which the purpose is to appreciate and celebrate all individuals around the world, both famous and not-so-famous, who have the name of Jerry. Jerry is a name usually given to male children. In sporadic cases, females are named Jerry. The name Jerry is of Old English origin. It’s sometimes spelled as Gerry, Gerrie, Geri, Jery, Jere, Jerrie, or Jeri. The name is a diminutive form of George, Gerald, Gerard, Geraldine, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Jermaine, and Jerome.

History of National Jerry Day

The name Jerry has shared origins that are both Old English and Germanic. The name is most commonly used in English-speaking countries and other countries worldwide. The term also has a significant Biblical history as Jerry s a widespread short form of the name Jeremiah, an Old Testament prophet. Jerry generally means “spear ruler.” This meaning is represented in different cultures and is passed through many generations. As a result of the fact that there are several subcultures within English and Germanic cultures, as well as the fact that individual families have a plethora of reasons for which they give specific names to their children, the name could take on any meaning at all. It could be a given name that is someone else’s name or it might have a meaningful meaning.

Jerry has also been said to be a gender-neutral name derived from the words Gerald, Jeremy, and Jerome. Jerry is a first name and nickname meaning ‘spear.’ While some other languages might translate it as “spear ruler,” it is simply ‘spear’ here, denoting the similarities and differences among the cultures where the name is famous. It wouldn’t surprise anyone for a child named Jerry to be brilliant, witty, and strong in terms of physical and mental strength because spears are sharp weapons used for protection and battle. In Greek mythology, we recognize that the god Zeus wielded his famous lightning bolts as spears against the Titans. From myths to the battleground, a child named Jerry will likely be a force to be reckoned with.

National Jerry Day timeline

Jerry Siegel is Born

American comic artist and creator of the iconic superhero character Superman, Siegel, is born.

Jerry West is Born

A former American basketball player whose image inspired the iconic N.B.A. logo, West, is born.

Jerry Springer is Born

American former lawyer, politician, and T.V./media personality Springer is born.

Jerry Seinfeld is Born

American comedian and T.V. producer Seinfeld is born.

National Jerry Day FAQs

Where did the name Jerry originate?

Jerry was a nickname given to Germans during the Second World War by soldiers and civilians of the Allied nations, in particular by the British. The nickname was created during World War I.

What is the female version of Jerry?

Geraldine is the female version of Gerald or Jerry.

Is Gerry pronounced Gary or Jerry?

Gerry is an alternate spelling of Jerry and is pronounced the same way.

National Jerry Day Activities

  1. Binge-watch some “Tom & Jerry”

    We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the franchise, and Jerry is a favorite character. So a “Tom & Jerry” marathon isn’t such a bad idea.

  2. Save the name for the future

    You may or may not already have kids yet; however, if you plan on having kids sometime in the future, you could consider the name Jerry as an option. It’s great for boys and girls.

  3. Get a name pendant

    Jewelry is a stylish way to show off your unique title. Get a Jerry name pendant in silver or gold to commemorate the day.

Why We Love

  1. Jerry Springer

    T.V. show host, Springer, was elected as the mayor of Cincinnati in 1977.

  2. The king of comedy

    Comedian Jerry Lewis started performing on stage with his parents as a child in New York’s legendary Catskill mountains.

  3. Mr. Blockbuster

    Jerry Bruckheimer’s films have grossed over $13 billion in Hollywood, and he’s produced over 40 feature films.

  4. Jerry Seinfeld is a fan of Billy Joel

    Seinfeld is a huge fan of Joel and purchased his mansion in the Hamptons for $32 million in 2000.

  5. The greatest football player

    N.F.L. star Jerry Rice, considered the greatest football player of all time, developed his speed by chasing horses.

Why We Love National Jerry Day

  1. It’s formal and casual

    Jerry works as a laid-back, casual nickname. And Gerald serves as the more formal version.

  2. It conveys power

    It may not be evident immediately, but the name carries a sense of power. Its Biblical and mythological roots run deep.

  3. They are famous

    With so many famous Jerrys out there, who wouldn’t want to be associated with the name? There’s Springer, Seinfeld, Bruckheimer, and so much more.

National Jerry Day dates

2024July 16Tuesday
2025July 16Wednesday
2026July 16Thursday
2027July 16Friday
2028July 16Sunday

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