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SunOct 20

National Jeff Day – October 20, 2024

National Jeff Day is celebrated every year on October 20. Jeffrey is the Americanized version of Geoffrey, a German name. It is a name that means “pledge of peace.” Jeffrey was a popular mid-century hit, with the nickname Jeff being the pinnacle of cool. Jeffrey debuted on the pop charts in 1934 and remained in the ‘Top 2’0 from the mid-1950s through 1978. Actors Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels, novelists Jeffrey Archer and Jeffrey Eugenides, and racing car driver Jeff Gordon are just a few examples of Jeffrey or Jeff namesakes.

History of National Jeff Day

Jeff is a common English surname and a spelling variation of Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a Middle French name that is a combination of Godfrey and Gottfried. It has been suggested that the popular derivation of Middle French Geoffrey and Jeffrey from Godfrey is incorrect and that the names reflect two distinct first Germanic elements (god and gaut, which got muddled in Old High German by the late Middle Ages.)

The surname Jeff is a patronymic name (or a surname derived from an ancestral father) derived from the names Geoffrey and Godfrey, respectively. These names are spelled Geffrey in Old English and Jefroi or Jeufroi in Old French. “The Domesday Book” of 1086 lists Goisfridus, Gaufridus, and Gosfridus. People used only their surnames at the time; forenames were added subsequently. Galfridus was found in the county of Lincolnshire. Early forms of the surname Jeff were discovered in “The Domesday Book” from 1086, including Goisfridus, Gaufridus, and Gosfridus. Galfridus was later discovered in Lincolnshire in 1150.

In the Curia Regis Rolls for Norfolk, the name Simian filius Gosfrie appears with a forename for the first time in 1210.

National Jeff Day timeline

“The Domesday Book”

“The Domesday Book” lists original variations of names from which Jeff is coined.

Suffolk Subsidy Rolls

Agnes Geffreys appears in the Suffolk Subsidy Rolls.

Jeff Beck is Born

Geoffrey Arnold Beck, frontman of the Jeff Beck Group and one of the greatest guitarists of all time, is born in England.

Jeff Bezos Creates Amazon

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, an American entrepreneur, investor, and computer engineer, creates Amazon, selling music, videos, and books.

“13 Reasons Why”

Jeff Atkins is a character in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” adapted from a 2007 novel.

National Jeff Day FAQs

Is Jeff a well-known name?

Yes, it is.

Is Jeffrey a girl's name?

Jeffrey is a boy’s name.

Is Jeff and Geoff the same name?

They’re all variations of the same name.

National Jeff Day Activities

  1. Make plans for a weekend getaway

    Gather your friends for a night or two. For the trip, everyone chips in to cover the cost of the share of the person being celebrated. You might not make it into space as Jeff Bezos did, but a weekend getaway is much less troublesome than wearing a spacesuit and riding a rocket.

  2. Have a relaxing beach day

    Whatever the weather, it's a beach day. If it's hot, bring sunscreen and a cooler full of cold drinks; if it's freezing, bring blankets to snuggle up and enjoy the view.

  3. Cooking lessons

    Consider taking a culinary lesson. Is there a more enjoyable way to spend a day than eating? What about learning to cook a new cuisine and then eating it?

5 Fascinating Facts About The Name Jeff

  1. 123rd most common name

    With an estimated number of 504,870, Jeff is the 123rd most frequently given name in the United States.

  2. The 60,156th position

    The surname Jeff is the 60,156th most common surname on the planet.

  3. One in 869,739 persons

    One in every 869,739 people has the name Jeff.

  4. A common American name

    The name Jeff is more common in the Americas compared to other countries.

  5. Projected population

    Jeffrey ranks 29th among the most popular baby names in the last 100 years, according to the Social Security Administration.

Why We Love National Jeff Day

  1. We can be identified by our names

    A child's name sets him or her apart from others. Allowing society to treat and deal with the child as a distinct individual with unique needs and feelings.

  2. Names have significance

    Names have significance, either a literal or religious meaning. In either case, their significance can represent our parents' emotions at the time of our birth.

  3. It’s about making people feel special

    It's a day set aside to make people feel special. Everyone who shares a name is recognized on their name day and receives flowers and gifts.

National Jeff Day dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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