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ThuAug 15

National Jean Day – August 15, 2024

National Jean Day, observed on August 15, celebrates the origin and history of the name. Jean is a common female and male given name in English-speaking countries. It is the Scottish form of Jane and is sometimes spelled, Jeanine. Jean is the equivalent of Joanne, Jeanne, Johanna, Joanna, Jana, and Joan, and derives from the Old French name ‘Jehanne.’ Jehanne is derived from the Latin name ‘Johannes,’ which comes from the Koine Greek name ‘Ioannes,’ the name used for several New Testament characters. The most notable of these was John the Baptist. The Greek name ultimately derives from the Biblical Hebrew name ‘Yochanan,’ a short form of the name ‘Yehochanan’ which means ‘Yahweh is Gracious.’

History of National Jean Day

Numerous men and women throughout history named Jean have achieved great success. One of the most famous men bearing this name is Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, better known as Jean-Claude Van Damme. He is an accomplished Belgian actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and fight choreographer.

His dream of becoming an actor spurred him to move to the United States in 1982. He did odd jobs and worked on several films. His break came when he got the lead role in the martial arts film “Bloodsport” (1988).

Van Damme soon developed a friendship with action martial art film star Chuck Norris. They spurred in martial arts together, and Van Damme took up work as a bouncer at a bar owned by Norris. He later worked in the stunt team in the Norris action film “Missing in Action” in 1984. Since then, he has starred in numerous action films that have propelled him to international fame.

Another notable figure is Jean Appleton. She was an Australian painter, art teacher, and printmaker who worked with various media such as oils, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, pencil, and Indian ink. Her ambitions in art disciplined her for drawing in her study books.

This didn’t discourage Appleton. She took various art courses to build her skills. She went on to become an art teacher and her work received much recognition from the art industry. She won the Rockdale Art Prize in 1958, the D’Arcy Morris Memorial Prize in 1960, the Bathurst Art Prize in 1961, and the Portia Geach Memorial Award in 1965.

National Jean Day timeline

Winning on the Road

Jean Brankart, a Belgian professional road bicycle racer, finishes the Tour de France in second place.

Top Fashion

Fashion designer Jean Muir wins the first of her three Dress Of The Year awards for a Jane & Jane dress in printed Liberty silk.

Steps Ahead

Jean Muir and her husband Harry Leuckert form Jean Muir Ltd.

Late 20th Century
Highly Rated Psychologist

Jean Piaget comes second only to B. F. Skinner as the most-cited psychologist of that era.

National Jean Day FAQs

What was the cause of Jean Muir's death?

Jean Muir died of breast cancer aged 67.

How many people live in Jean, Nevada?

There are no residents of Jean, but many people live in nearby communities.

What was Jean Paul Getty Sr.'s net worth?

At his death, Jean Paul Getty Sr. was worth more than $6 billion.

National Jean Day Activities

  1. Watch a Jean-Claude movie

    Jean-Claude Van Damme has starred in numerous big hit films. Invite your friends over for a movie night marathon to celebrate the day.

  2. Show appreciation

    Is anyone named Jean in your life? Hug them, buy them a gift, and let them know that you value them.

  3. Learn some history

    Discover more about the name Jean. There are numerous notable characters throughout history with this name.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Jean

  1. A town named Jean

    Jean is a small commercial town in Clark County, Nevada, U.S.

  2. Grandpa to the rescue

    American-born British petroleum industrialist Jean Paul Getty Sr. negotiated his grandson's kidnapping ransom in 1973.

  3. Jean disgraced

    Jean Else is the only woman of any order of British female knighthood to date to have her Damehood revoked.

  4. An award-winning author

    Jean Stafford, an American short story writer, and novelist won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for “The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford” in 1970.

  5. Sports stardom

    British ice dancer Jean Westwood was the World Champion for four consecutive years from 1952 with partner Lawrence Demmy.

Why We Love National Jean Day

  1. We celebrate prominent people

    This day honors famous people in various industries named Jean. It's a day to celebrate their lives and achievements.

  2. We learn history

    The history of the name Jean is rich. This day is perfect for learning more about it from its origins until today.

  3. It's a day of fun

    National Jean Day is fit for a celebration. We acknowledge all Jeans around the globe with merriment and cheer.

National Jean Day dates

2024August 15Thursday
2025August 15Friday
2026August 15Saturday
2027August 15Sunday
2028August 15Tuesday

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