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MonMar 3

National Jackson Day – March 3, 2025

National Jackson Day takes place on March 3. Jackson is predominantly a male English name that means “Son of Jack/John.” Jackson is a surname from the United Kingdom that has gained popularity as a boy’s given name. Jaxon is the most popular spelling variant of Jackson. Jack, Jax, and Jay are some of its nicknames. Surnames are more commonly used as given names in the southern United States. Many newborns were named after Andrew Jackson, a general and president of the United States.

History of National Jackson Day

The unusual surname Jackson initially appeared on the English-Scottish borderlands. The name is connected to the given name Jack, a pet version of the popular John, and simply means “the son of Jack.” The surname Jackson was originally recorded in numerous shires around Britain, notably Cambridgeshire, where two families were documented in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273. By the time the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls were taken for 1379, the name had evolved into variants reminiscent of the modern one: Jakson, Jacson, Jackeson, and Jakeson.

Between 1840 and 1920, the Jackson surname was found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Scotland. In 1880, the United States had the greatest number of Jackson families. There were 861 Jackson families in New York in 1840. This represented approximately 15% of all recorded Jacksons in the United States, the highest concentration in the country.

Jackson is the 13th most common surname in the United States, with an estimated 770,970 individuals with that name. In Canada, however, the name Jackson is the 67th most frequent surname, with an estimated 34,130 persons with that name. In Newfoundland, Canada, the surname Jackson is the 513th most common, with an estimated 90 persons with that name. With 41,631 people, Jackson is ranked 45th in Australia. Jackson is ranked 37th in New Zealand, with a population of 5,550 people. Jackson is ranked 26th in the United Kingdom, with 114,155 people. With 14,105 people, Jackson is ranked 511th in South Africa.

National Jackson Day timeline

A Trade Agreement with Great Britain

Andrew Jackson enacts a trade pact with Great Britain that opens America's trade to Canada and the British West Indies, which is one of his significant achievements in international affairs.

Eight Grammy Awards

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is recognized for his talent and commitment with eight Grammy trophies in under two hours at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards.

Janet Jackson at the Billboard Awards

Jackson wins eight Billboard Music Awards as an American singer.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Jackson wins his first Oscar — he’s presented with an honorary ‘Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement’ at the Governors Awards.

National Jackson Day FAQs

What is the popularity of the name Jackson for a baby born in 2020?

Jackson was the 17th most common boy’s name and the 6,033rd most common girl’s name. There were 9,051 newborn males and only 19 baby girls named Jackson in 2020. In 2020, one in every 202 newborn males and one in every 92,160 baby girls are named Jackson.

How popular is the name Jackson?

Jackson has been continuously popular over the previous two decades, according to Social Security Administration data, and has been among the top 20 newborn names for boys since 2012. Since 2000, it has ranked in the top 100 names.

Is Jackson an Italian surname?

Patronymic from Jack in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. This has absorbed other patronymics starting with J- in several European languages as an American surname.

National Jackson Day Activities

  1. Share the significance on social media

    You can be a bit cocky once you've figured out what your name means, especially if your name is Jackson. It's now time to drop the beans on your social media networks. Create the ideal post with a photo that relates to the meaning of your name, and then share it.

  2. Learn the meaning of Jackson

    Learn the significance of your name by using Google or calling your parents. Dig a little deeper and consider why your parents or relatives gave you the name; after you've determined the genuine meaning, attempt to live up to the vibe that your name conveys.

  3. Make a date with all of the other Jacksons

    We don't mean a formal date; a date might just be spending time together and having fun. Reach out to the other Jackson and plan a large meeting with all of the other Jackson at your location.

5 Surprising Facts About The Name Jackson

  1. It first appeared in 1880

    The name was originally given to 46 newborn newborns in that year.

  2. It became a popular name

    It was a popular name in 1998, ranking #100 nationally, and was registered 3,860 times as a newborn boy's name.

  3. The secret meaning of Jackson

    A Jackson is believed to be a natural-born leader who is motivated and goal-oriented.

  4. A favorite boy name

    This trendy presidential name has been in the ‘Top 25’ since 2010, surpassing John as one of the most popular male names beginning with J.

  5. It was more modern

    Jackson is presently more common than John or Jack because parents regard it as more contemporary than John and a broader name than Jack.

Why We Love National Jackson Day

  1. It helps us understand our own identity

    It's only a name, but it has the potential to be so much more. The name Jackson may be a form of self-expression that allows you to explore different aspects of your personality.

  2. It acquaints us with our genuine selve

    Our names are an important aspect of our identity; with National Jackson Day, we have the opportunity to discover our actual identity, particularly with those named Jackson. This activity reveals our genuine identities and challenges us to become worthy hosts of our names.

  3. It assists us in making decisions

    The significance of our names might act as a guidepost for future life decisions. Although it does not have the ultimate say, it may undoubtedly influence you to make decisions that reflect the spirit of your name.

National Jackson Day dates

2025March 3Monday
2026March 3Tuesday
2027March 3Wednesday
2028March 3Friday
2029March 3Saturday

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