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FriAug 2

National Hugh Day – August 2, 2024

National Hugh Day is celebrated on August 2 in honor of the beautiful name Hugh and everyone who shares it. Parents consider Hugh an elegant and stern name across the U.S. for their baby boys. Several factors have contributed to its rising popularity in the western world, including the assimilation of German, British, and American cultures. We’ve got plenty of reasons and ways to celebrate this beautiful day, so hop on the ‘We Love Hugh’ train and let’s go.

History of National Hugh Day

Hugh (pronounced hyoo) is a beautiful four-letter and single-syllable British name with German roots. The name has been in circulation since the 8th century and is considered the French variant of Hugo, along with other variants, namely Ucho, Hugo, Huc, and Ogo.

There have many notable figures throughout history who shared this name. Kings and noblemen from France, Latin America, and the Middle East have carried the name forward, rising and falling to its peculiar and exhaling sound. The modernized spelling of Hugh comes from the curtailment of Hughes, an ancient English surname. Hugh traveled the western world when the anglicization of Gaelic names was at its peak. Before the 16th century, English speakers routinely picked up vocally similar but etymologically unrelated names and transformed them into their learned language. Americans have historically loved and embraced the name Hugh, although it isn’t quite as popular now.

Although the name isn’t sparse, many role models, including iconic actors such as Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie, and Hugh Jackman, share the name. We believe that the name begets good acting genes. There are many beautiful and relevant meanings of the name Hugh, including ‘intellect,’ ‘mind,’ and ‘soul.’ People sharing the name are often characterized as intelligent and thoughtful beings with alluring personalities and attractive looks. National Hugh Day is an opportunity to celebrate the name and pass it down to the next generation.

National Hugh Day timeline

The Renowned Hugh the Great

Hugh, Duke of the Franks and Count of Paris, is born to the Robertian family.

The European Takeover

Europe sees a windfall of figures named Hugh, including Hugh Capet, Hugh of Cluny, Hugh Magnus of France, and Hugh of Châteauneuf.

The German Outpour

Ethnic Germans begin immigrating to the U.S., bringing their culture, food, and names.

The Hugh Mania

Hugh ranks 71 in the list of most popular male names in the U.S.

National Hugh Day FAQs

Is Hugh an attractive name?

Hugh is a pretty cool name with a gorgeous pronunciation and a significant presence. The name reached its popularity in America in the 20th century, ranking in the top 100 favorite names for newborn babies.

Can I name my baby girl Hugh?

Of course. Although Hugh has been a historically male name, the sex of a baby should be no bar for a name.

Is Hugh a German name?

No. Hugh is British but is also a variant of Hugo which is a continental Germanic name.

National Hugh Day Activities

  1. Find a Hugh near you

    Are you up for a fun task? Scroll down your Instagram explore page or pull out the yellow books — this National Hugh Day, we urge you to find a person by the name Hugh. Bonus points if you find a woman with that name. If you’re successful, don’t forget to share your regards on this special day.

  2. Explore other Anglo-German names

    Did you know that Amelia, the fourth most popular feminine name in the U.S. in 2021, is a German name? They are! And so are Emma, Sophia, Mia, and Hannah. August 2 is your cue to explore some rare gems from German terminology and share them with the world.

  3. Have a Hugh Grant movie marathon

    Hugh Grant, the ultimate king of British romantic comedies, deserves our love on all days of the year. But we can carve out an extra-special session of nostalgia and ‘90s charm on National Hugh Day. This August 2, gather your friends and family as you go down the Hugh Grant movie marathon.

5 Best-Known Hughs Of The 21st Century

  1. Hugh Grant

    Successful British actor, romantic comedy heartthrob, and one of the best-grossing stars in the world.

  2. Hugh Jackman

    Accomplished Australian actor, theatre artist, and our very own Wolverine.

  3. Hugh Hefner

    Publisher, primary playboy, political activist, and philanthropist.

  4. Hugh Laurie

    Golden Globe winner and perennially pissed-off Dr. House.

  5. Hugh Dancy

    Noted British actor, best known for his performance in the T.V. series “Hannibal.”

Why We Love National Hugh Day

  1. It’s a modern German name

    Hugh is a name that easily rolls off the tongue. It’s pretentious enough to exert dominance but is also familiar and homely. National Hugh Day reminds us of the beautiful German terminology, which has also contributed words like kindergarten, iceberg, angst, and zeitgeist to the English language.

  2. It’s a window into the past

    You won’t find a lot of Hughs in the newspaper these days unless you look at the obituary section. Morbid? Apologies. Hugh is one of those old and rustic names that take us back to the days of telegrams, German radio, and gentlemen with stovepipe hats.

  3. It needs the publicity

    We believe Hugh can do much better, even in the age of Instagram. The name has had its day in the sun, ranking 71 in the list of most popular names in 1880. Although the ranking dwindled to an absolute low in 2010, we’re hoping for a revival by celebrating National Hugh Day on August 2.

National Hugh Day dates

2024August 2Friday
2025August 2Saturday
2026August 2Sunday
2027August 2Monday
2028August 2Wednesday

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