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National Ha Day – December 29, 2024

We celebrate National Ha Day each December 29. The name has Vietnamese origins and means “sunshine and warmth.” It can also mean ‘river’ and is pronounced as ‘hhaa.’ In some Asian countries, Ha is also a surname. National Ha Day is dedicated to honoring and learning more about those bearing this name.

History of National Ha Day

The name Ha originated in Asia but spread to Western countries as people traveled and immigrated abroad. As a given name, it first appeared in the U.S. in 1976. Thirteen newborn babies were named Ha that year, but the name’s usage hasn’t grown much since then. According to the 1984 U.S. Social Security Administration (S.S.A.) data, only five babies were named Ha in Louisiana that year, and only 37 babies were given the name across the country. In addition, the name was recorded only 495 times in the S.S.A.’s public database from 1880 to 2018, and it hasn’t managed to break into the top 100 popular baby names list.

As a surname, it fares a little better. It’s the 321st most common last name in the world. Approximately 1,653,060 individuals share this family name, most residing in Vietnam. In 1940, men with the last name Ha typically worked as laborers, and women with the same surname were employed as teachers in the U.S. The nation’s northern neighbor, Canada, reported that 34% of men working as laborers had the surname Ha in 1921. Meanwhile, in the U.K., 53% of women named Ha were unpaid domestic workers.

Although there were fewer individuals named Ha, they lived a little longer, with an average life expectancy in the U.S. of 86 in 1965 and 73 in 2004. In addition, the life expectancy for people bearing the name reached its highest point in 1970 and dipped to its lowest in 1976.

National Ha Day timeline

The Revolutionary

The French execute Ha Huy Tap, the third General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee, in Saigon.

The Diplomat

Military leader and Vietnamese diplomat Ha Van Lau is appointed Ambassador to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg.

The Crowned Beauty

Hanoi native Hà Kiều Anh wins the Miss Vietnam pageant held in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Singer

Vocal performer Hà Anh Tuấn releases his debut studio album, “Café sáng,” which showcases his signature musical style.

National Ha Day FAQs

Is Ha a Korean name?

It’s the Latin equivalent of the Korean family name ‘하’ and is usually spelled as ‘Hah.’ According to the 2000 South Korean census, around 0.5% of the population, or 213,758 people, shared this name.

Is Ha a Chinese name?

The family name Ha is present in many overseas Chinese communities worldwide. A transliteration of various Chinese surnames, its meaning changes depending on how it’s spelled and which dialect it’s pronounced in.

Can Ha be a male name?

As a given name, it’s primarily used for girls. As a surname, it’s used by either gender.

National Ha Day Activities

  1. Watch Ha Ji-won’s K-dramas

    Spend National Ha Day with a famous Ha! This South Korean actress has several television dramas under her belt. “Secret Garden,” “Empress Ki,” and “Hospital Ship” are just a few of her works that showcase her versatility.

  2. Spend some time outdoors

    As Ha means ‘sunshine’ and ‘warmth,’ step outside for a few minutes to enjoy nature. Do something active, like exercising, or simply sit and savor the moment.

  3. Buy sunflowers

    Few things embody sunshine and warmth more than the cheerful sunflower! Place them in a vase on your work desk or any place that you’d like to add a touch of joy to.

5 Facts About South Korean Personalities Named Ha

  1. Ha Ji-won

    This actress and fashion designer is known for taking on challenging television and film roles.

  2. Ha Dong-hoon

    Famously known by his stage name, Haha, Ha Dong-hoon is part of the singing duo RGP and was also a host of popular variety shows, like Seoul Broadcasting System’s “Running Man” and Munhwa Broadcasting System’s “Infinite Challenge.”

  3. Ha Jung-woo

    He’s not just one of the highest-grossing actors in South Korea, he’s also a screenwriter, film producer, and film director.

  4. Ha Seung-moo

    He’s a pastor, poet, teacher, and historical theologian related to the family of Joseon’s most renowned prime minister, Yeonguijeong.

  5. Ha Hyung-joo

    A retired judoka, he was the first South Korean open division champion at the 1981 Asian Judo Championships in Jakarta.

Why We Love National Ha Day

  1. It celebrates both a given name and a surname

    Ha is a versatile name. It’s used both as a given name and a surname in Asian families.

  2. It spans nationalities

    The name Ha is used by the Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. These cultures have long and fascinating histories to honor.

  3. It has a positive meaning

    How can you go wrong with a name that means ‘sunshine’ and ‘warmth?’ It may be short on letters, but it’s packed with sunny sentiments. National Ha Day is as much about celebrating that warmth as it is about celebrating the name.

National Ha Day dates

2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday
2028December 29Friday

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