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FriJun 28

National Grant Day – June 28, 2024

National Grant Day is celebrated on June 28 every year. It is not a conventionally celebrated holiday, but it is our way of celebrating all the lovely Grants in the world! The name is common in people of English, Scottish (Norman), or French descent. It was originally a nickname derived from the Anglo-Norman French’ grant,’ meaning ‘tall’ or ‘large.’ It was given to people of large stature or the relatively taller person out of many to differentiate them from other people of the same name. Grant has been used as a personal name and as a surname.

History of National Grant Day

The concept of a name goes beyond written history itself. It is virtually impossible to think of anything you know about without naming it, whether it be a general identifier like ‘apple’ or a personal name like Grant.’ Names are so very intrinsic to the way we think. While in the grand scheme of things, through the lens of what is called ‘big history,’ names and the concept of language are not so old. Rather, they are central to how we perceive the world today. The origin of language is often hard to trace due to a lack of empirical evidence.

Humans now speak a wide variety of languages, regardless of how language first evolved and multiplied into many different types. To group languages with similar origins, linguists worldwide have classified several families of languages. French is a Romance language, meaning descendant of Vulgar Latin. French itself has evolved. It began with, as mentioned previously, Vulgar Latin, adopted by the people of Gaul due to Roman rule. Vulgar Latin developed into Old French due to Germanic invasions into the country. Old French turned into Middle French, and Middle French into the modern French spoken today. In the process of languages developing, names developed too.

Grant, for instance, is of Anglo-Norman French origin. It was derived from the Anglo-Norman French’ grant,’ meaning ‘tall’ or ‘large.’ It was given to people of large stature or the relatively taller person out of many to differentiate them from other people of the same name. Celebrate Grants around the world on this day.

National Grant Day timeline

3400 B.C.
First Recorded Name

The earliest known name, Kushim, is recorded on a clay tablet.

313 A.D.
Spread of Christianity

Christianity begins to spread across Europe.

1066 A.D.
Norman conquest

Normans conquer Great Britain on December 25.

Almost popular

Grant almost reaches the Top 100 list of most common baby boy names.

National Grant Day FAQs

Is Grant a biblical name?

No. Grant is a Christian name that means “Great, Tall.”

Who was the first person named Grant?

Thomas Grant, a merchant for the Scottish monarch who was removed from his position as visor of York Castle on January 2, 1252, is one of the earliest individuals with the name Grant to be mentioned in writing.

What does the name Grant mean in Latin?

In Latin, Grant means ‘Great.’

National Grant Day Activities

  1. Appreciate a Grant

    If you have a Grant in your life, appreciate them. Pamper him with flowers and gifts and let him know he is valued.

  2. Look up the etymology of your name

    Your name is bound to be interesting, so look up the origin of your name. You can ask your parents why they chose to name you Grant. You can also share interesting facts about this name with your friends and family.

  3. Watch a Cary Grant film

    Watch a Cary Grant Film. He was an English-American actor and a prominent leading man from the 1930s to the mid-60s.

5 Facts About Cary Grant

  1. A Hollywood Star

    Cary Grant was a movie star in classic Hollywood cinema renowned for his lighthearted acting style and comic timing.

  2. A troublesome childhood

    He was raised in a miserable home because his mother suffered from clinical depression and his father was an alcoholic.

  3. Almost James Bond

    When Grant declined the offer to play James Bond, the role ultimately went to Sean Connery.

  4. Bank Vault

    Grant owned a bank-quality vault that was kept in his home to safe keep sentimental memorabilia.

  5. An early retirement

    Grant retired from acting at the age of 62 to become a businessman.

Why We Love National Grant Day

  1. Names have a fascinating history

    Each name has a fascinating history. Learning about your name is like a personalized history lesson!

  2. Names are time capsules

    Names can be like fossils. With an offbeat history, names like Grant are reminders of words long passed out of the popular lexicon and changing traditions.

  3. Grants are significant

    There are so many famous Grants across the world. Celebrating them is a wonderful idea.

National Grant Day dates

2024June 28Friday
2025June 28Saturday
2026June 28Sunday
2027June 28Monday
2028June 28Wednesday

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