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SatJun 29

National Fred Day – June 29, 2024

National Fred Day is celebrated every June 29. It isn’t a commonly observed holiday by any means, but we thought it would be great to celebrate all the wonderful Freds in the world. ‘Fred,’ conventionally a masculine name, is of German origin, and one of its meanings is ‘peaceful ruler.’ There have been many famous Freds throughout history and several iconic Freds in fiction, including the goofy patriarch of the Flintstone family and the hilarious Weasley twin. From the well-meaning head of Mystery Inc. to the beloved television host, Freds have captured our hearts for decades.

History of National Fred Day

Can you think of your identity without attaching your name to it? Most people can’t. The name is a central part of personhood. The concept of a name is likely as old as language. And as language developed, so did names. ‘Edward’ became ‘Ed,’ and ‘Ed’ turned into ‘Ned’ — all because language, and human communication as a whole, is unpredictably delightful.

Fred, for instance, has English and German roots. It traces back to the Old English ‘Aelfraed,’ meaning ‘elf counsel,’ and is related to ‘Ealdfrith’ or ‘Alfrid,’ meaning ‘old peace.’ It’s also often used as a nickname for ‘Fredrick’ or the German ‘Friedrich.’

The German language belongs to a family of languages referred to as the Indo-European language family. It’s spoken primarily in Central Europe and reportedly first began appearing in the Early Middle Ages during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. The language developed over time from Old High German to Middle High German to Early New High German. During the Habsburg Empire in the 19th century, German became the language of commerce and government. Many cities across the continent were either Germanized or recently settled and, therefore, primarily German. The following century saw German becoming a more standardized language, closer to the variation spoken today. The language only lost its cultural and political prominence after the Second World War, following the collapse of the Third Reich.

National Fred Day timeline

3400 B.C.
The First Recorded Name

Kushim, the first name in history, is etched on a clay tablet.

19th Century
The Language of Commerce

German becomes the language of commerce.

The Yabba-Dabba-Doo Family

“The Flintstones” first airs.

A Familiar Neighborhood

“Mister Rogers' Neighborhood,” hosted by Fred Rogers, premieres.

National Fred Day FAQs

How common is Fred?

In 2021, only 98 baby boys were named Fred. It ranked 1,666th in most common boys’ names.

What is the female version of Fred?

Fred can be a gender-neutral name, but ‘Frederica’ is often used as the female version.

What is Fred from Scooby Doo’s last name?

Scooby’s best friend is named Fred Jones.

National Fred Day Activities

  1. Thank a Fred

    Do you have a funny friend named Fred in your life? Maybe your Fred is more serious yet still enjoyable to be around. Either way, thank the Freds you know for making your life more interesting.

  2. Look up names and their etymologies

    National Fred Day may be about Freds, but why not look up other names too? We’re sure that they have histories just as exciting as Fred’s.

  3. Watch some “Scooby-Doo”

    Watch “Scooby-Doo” films or episodes and enjoy the antics of the loveable Mystery Inc., which includes the eclectic Fred. You’ll laugh your butt off at the hilarious hijinks he and his furry best friend get up to.

5 Facts About The Flintstones

  1. “The Flagstones”

    The series’ name was originally “The Flagstones.”

  2. A son

    The darling Flintstones baby was supposed to be a boy.

  3. An iconic slogan

    Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone, came up with the iconic “Yabba-dabba-doo!”

  4. A different Barney

    Daws Butler voiced Barney Rubble for five episodes in season two while Mel Blanc, the original voice actor, recovered from a near-fatal car crash.

  5. Unlikely sponsors

    Winston Cigarettes sponsored the show.

Why We Love National Fred Day

  1. Freds are fabulous

    There have been so many wonderful Freds in history and fiction. We think celebrating them is a great idea!

  2. Who doesn’t like “The Flintstones?”

    “The Flintstones” has been a part of many of our lives. Who doesn’t love them? We have a soft spot for Fred Flinstone, the show’s loud but loveable dad.

  3. Names can be fossils

    National Fred Day honors names, which are often like fossils. They’re relics of the past, preserving old forms of a language no longer spoken!

National Fred Day dates

2024June 29Saturday
2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday

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