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National Ethan Day – May 23, 2024

It’s National Ethan Day this May 23, and we can’t be more excited. As the holiday name suggests, this event celebrates everyone named Ethan all over the world. The holiday isn’t partial either — all genders, religions, and nationalities are welcome to celebrate this day. This name day joins the ranks of other special events that celebrate names like National Julie Day, National Reed Day, National Eli Day, and National Jase Day.

History of National Ethan Day

If you’ve ever read the ‘Old Testament’ of the Hebrew “Bible,” chances are, you’ll find the name Ethan. Many historians believe this is the earliest written record of an Ethan anywhere in the world. There are several Ethans mentioned in the Holy Book, the most popular being Ethan the Ezrahite, who was most famous for his wisdom.

The name itself is Hebrew in origin — it comes from the name ‘Eitan’ and means ‘strong,’ ‘solid,” “firm,’ and ‘safe.’

Its usage has undergone variations over the years in different countries. Back in 1901, Ethan was one of the names appearing in the top 1,000 most popular baby names list in the U.S. But then, according to records from the Social Security Administration, it was stricken from the list for unknown reasons. Ethan enjoyed relative obscurity for more than 50 years, only coming back to the list in 1952 ranking 996th. Then, the world began noticing the strength of this name. Movies and popular culture showed us incredible characters that owned this name on the screen. Books featured protagonists named Ethan. Even a popular furniture chain store in the U.S. adopted this name for its brand.

This name has climbed up the charts ever since and has never looked back globally, especially in the U.S. Australia’s 2013 list of the most popular baby boy names put Ethan at number four. In the U.S., it’s listed as one of the top 20 names for babies and has stayed this way for the past two decades, according to S.S.A. records. A popular name indeed!

National Ethan Day timeline

1738 — 1789
An Ethan is Named a War Hero

Soldier Ethan Allen, who fights in the American Revolutionary War, is later honored as a war hero and patriot for his bravery in America’s fight to gain independence from the British.

November 6, 1970
Actor Ethan Hawke is Born

Hawke, a successful and famous American actor, director, and writer, is born.

2009 and 2010
Jacob Beats Ethan

The name Ethan almost makes it to the number one spot on the S.S.A.'s list of most popular baby names but is beaten by Jacob.

It’s a Popular Name for Boys

Ethan is the 13th most popular name for boys; 9,464 baby boys given this name are born.

National Ethan Day FAQs

Is Ethan short for another name?

This two-syllable name isn’t usually derived from another longer name.

Is Ethan a strong name?

The very meaning of the name comes from the word ‘strong.’ It’s safe to assume that the name is a strong one too, and will make any baby proud to be so named.

Is Ethan a weird name?

Ethan is definitely not a weird name. In fact, it is one of the more common names given to boys across the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Israel, occupying a prominent place in the ‘Top 100 in Baby Names’ charts for more than 30 years.

National Ethan Day Activities

  1. Celebrate the Ethans

    Let all the Ethans in your life know they are special. Celebrate this name by sharing with the world its history, how it came to be popular, and who are the most famous people bearing this name.

  2. Learn more about the name

    Find out more about the name and where it came from. Check out online sources, the library, and genealogy sites to learn more about this name.

  3. Research your ancestors

    Draw and study your family tree to find the hidden Ethans among your ancestors. Try and find out all you can about the people you descended from, and learn more about their lives.

5 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About The Name Ethan

  1. It’s still Ethan by any other spelling

    Ethan is still Ethan even though it is spelled ‘Aithan’ in Greek and ‘Izan’ in Spanish.

  2. Ethan appears many times in the “Bible”

    It appears eight different times in the Bible.

  3. An Ethan authored a “Bible” passage

    Some people believe Ethan the Ezrahite authored a passage in the “Bible” — ‘Psalms 89.’

  4. “Mission Impossible” bumped up its popularity

    Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt in this famous movie series helped the name soar to the top; the name was pushed up the ranks by fictional characters in popular shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Lost,” and “Lizzie McGuire.”

  5. It’s a common last name

    It’s a common last name, especially in Israel, but it’s spelled ‘Eytan’ or ‘Eitan.’

Why We Love National Ethan Day

  1. It’s a world-famous name

    Across the U.S., Israel, and Europe, Ethan is one of those ancient religious names. It has withstood pushback by popular names and has continued to be appealing to modern parents.

  2. It’s not dated

    First, it was popular, then it wasn’t. Now, Ethan is back with a vengeance, but its disappearing act means it proved its longevity without being a dated or overly common choice. It’s the perfect modern name for any little boy.

  3. It has earned its place

    Religiously important and culturally relevant, Ethan is a name that appeals to everyone. It has earned its place among the top most popular baby names, and it looks like this name is here to stay.

National Ethan Day dates

2024May 23Thursday
2025May 23Friday
2026May 23Saturday
2027May 23Sunday
2028May 23Tuesday

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