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SunJul 21

National Edward Day – July 21, 2024

National Edward Day is celebrated each year on July 21. Edward is a male-given name of English origin derived from the Anglo-Saxon language. The name means many things, such as ‘wealth,’ “good fortune,” ‘prosperity,’ and “a guardian” or ‘protector.’ Many English kings were called Edward, the most famous being Edward Longshanks. It’s one of the most popular choices for boys, with an estimated 1.3 million people sharing this name in the U.S. alone. Edward is exclusively a masculine name and is used as a first name 99% of the time.

History of National Edward Day

Edward was one of the most famous names in Anglo-Saxon England, but Norman and Plantagenet dynasties had all but abolished its use among the upper class. During the reign of Henry III, the name regained its prestige after the king named his firstborn son Edward I. King Henry III was obsessed with the last Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor. He hoped that conferring the name to his son would inspire a cult following around him. Edward, I grew to be a powerfully built and intimidating man, earning him the moniker Longshanks. He was a highly effective king who ruled until he died in 1307.

Edward Christopher Sheeran, better known by his stage name Ed Sheeran, is a British musician. Sheeran began writing songs at 11 and picked up guitar lessons while at it. Having sung in the Church choir since he was four, his background gave him a good foundation for the music industry. Sheeran’s classmates voted him most likely to become famous. He signed with Asylum Records in 2011, capitalizing on his massive online notoriety and social media following as an independent artist. Sheeran’s music is known for its catchy tunes, with many hits like ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Perfect’ becoming instant earworms. He’s dabbled in acting, including minor roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Red Notice” (2021).

Whistleblower Edward John Snowden made international news when he revealed the extent of illegal and unethical U.S. government spying practices against its citizens in 2013. Snowden, who had worked for the N.S.A., leaked highly classified and sensitive information after his misgivings about the ethics of their work were ignored. The 39-year-old North Carolina native lives in exile in Moscow, Russia, with his wife Linda Mills and their two children.

National Edward Day timeline

Hammer of the Scots Rests

King Edward I dies, ending the reign of England’s most famous monarch.

Abdicating the Throne

King Edward VIII steps down from leadership to elope with Wallis Simpson.

A Pop Star’s Acting Debut

Ed Sheeran makes his first acting appearance, playing himself in the New Zealand soap opera “Shortland Street.”

Death of a Legend

Eddie Van Halen dies after suffering a stroke.

National Edward Day FAQs

Is Edward a girl or boy name?

Edward is a boy-and-girl name but primarily used for boys.

Is Edward a rare name?

Edward was once a common name but has become rarer in modern times.

Is Edward an old-fashioned name?

Edward is one of the oldest names, making it a vintage one.

National Edward Day Activities

  1. Read about Longshanks

    Arguably one of the most ruthless but brilliant monarchs to have ever lived, the achievements of King Edward I are well worth a read. Explore his rich life story filled with twists and turns out of a hero’s saga.

  2. Get a name banner

    Evoke that old-world sense of royalty and ceremony by getting yourself a banner. You can even personalize it to have a sigil or crest along with the name.

  3. Listen to Edward

    Do you like pop? Then you’ll probably love Ed Sheeran. If you’re more partial to rock, give Eddie Van Halen a listen.

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Edwards

  1. An inspiration for a fictional character

    King Edward, I served as the inspiration for Lord Tywin Lannister in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

  2. A certified genius

    Edward Snowden scored a most impressive 145 on two separate I.Q. tests, making him a certified genius.

  3. The musical prodigy

    Edward “Eddie” Van Halen couldn’t read sheet music as a child and learned to play by ear to the point he could identify and replay music note by note.

  4. He names his guitars

    Sheeran has a name for all his guitars.

  5. It all worked out in the end

    Eddie Hall began lifting weights after getting expelled from high school, which led to his impressive career as a strongman.

Why We Love National Edward Day

  1. It’s like fine wine

    Edward is like a vintage wine. It just gets better with age.

  2. It sounds regal

    It’s no wonder many kings and royals have adopted the name. Edward has a regal, dignified tone to it.

  3. There are many options to choose from

    You can go with the formal Edward or the much shorter Ed. You can also use the colloquial Eddy.

National Edward Day dates

2024July 21Sunday
2025July 21Monday
2026July 21Tuesday
2027July 21Wednesday
2028July 21Friday

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