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National Dylan Day – November 15, 2024

National Dylan Day is observed on November 15. It acknowledges all the great, mighty, and even ordinary persons bearing the name Dylan. It is a day that sparks interest among bearers of this name that has a deep meaning. Dylan became one of the most popular boy’s names in the U.S. since the movie “Beverly Hills 90210” was released. Dylan, although it hardly happens, can also be given to women. Read on to learn more about this special day.

History of National Dylan Day

National Dylan Day began in 2022. Although this celebration is a very recent initiative, Dylan has centuries of captivating history, especially when viewed from its origins. Its nicknames include ‘Dy’ and’ Dill.’

Dylan is a Welsh, traditionally-given name that originates from the mythical Welsh god of the sea. It’s derived from the Welsh words ‘Dy’ meaning ‘to or great’ and ‘llanw’ meaning ‘flow or tide.’ People believe that the name was unpopular in Wales and some parts of the world until the time of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. In the U.S., Dylan has consistently ranked as a popular name because of the “Beverly Hills 90210” main character, Dylan McKay. The name witnessed a sharp increase in 1992 when about 16,000 boys were named “Dylan.” However, this appreciation went down three years after and rose again in 1999. Its highest peak in the U.S. is when it came in at number 19 in 2003 and 2004. In England and Wales, “Dylan” was ranked as number 16 of the most popular names in 2010; meanwhile, in Ireland and Scotland, it was seventh and eighth, respectively.

Notable bearers of the name are the American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, American actors Dylan O’Brien and Dylan Sprouse, the Welsh Footballer Dylan Levitt, and many more like actor Dylan Minnette and footballer Dylan Williams. The notable woman with the name remains the lesbian actress Dylan Meyer, famous for her role in the 2019 movie “Rock Bottom.”

National Dylan Day timeline

The Famous Poem is Penned

Dylan Thomas publishes his famous poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."

The National Board of Review Awards

Dylan Minnette wins the National Board of Review Awards' Best Acting by an Ensemble category for his role in "Prisoners."

The Nobel Prize Laureate

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize In Literature.

The Major Movie Role

Dylan O'Brien stars in the Action/Thriller hit movie "American Assassin."

The International Soccer Debut

The Welsh professional soccer player — Dylan James Levitt makes his senior international debut in the UEFA Nations League match against Finland.

National Dylan Day FAQs

What does "Dylan" spell?

The popular spelling is Dylan; however, other variations include Dillan, Dillon, Dillen, Dilloyn, Dyllen, Dylin, and Dylahn, amongst others.

Is the name "Dylan" in the Bible?

“Dylan” is not biblical. It’s derived from a mythical name.

How do you pronounce "Dylan?"

All variations and the original form have two syllables.

National Dylan Day Activities

  1. Host your "Dylan" friends

    Celebrate this day by hosting all the Dylans you know for lunch, dinner, or even a party. Make them feel special on their auspicious day.

  2. Read up on the name’s history

    Since people believe Dylan originated from Welsh mythology, today is a good day to read about Welsh beliefs. Learn about the roles of the god of the sea in the myths.

  3. Organize a neighborhood get-together

    If you can afford it, share fliers inviting all the Dylans in your town or city to a special occasion. Celebrate them in any little way possible.

5 Facts About Dylans

  1. The name has several meanings

    Based on deductive translations and perceptions, Dylan can mean ‘son of the sea,’ ‘born from the ocean,’ ‘to flow,’ or even ‘great tide/flow.’

  2. The outstanding poem

    Although Dylan Thomas published his famous poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" in 1951, he actually wrote it in 1947.

  3. A legend in songwriting

    Bob Dylan is considered the ‘greatest songwriter of all time’ and has been ranked top in the Rolling Stone’s ranking of songwriters.

  4. Death by manslaughter

    Dylan — the mythical Welsh god of the sea is said to have been accidentally killed by his uncle ‘Govannon.’

  5. The people's view of Dylans

    A survey revealed that people feel that Dylan is a good, natural, potent, refined, and comedic name.

Why We Love National Dylan Day

  1. It’s a potent name

    From all available information, Dylan is a rich name. It is meaningful; we especially love it for that.

  2. It keeps people informed

    Celebrating National Dylan Day can enlighten people about the name’s origin. People also get to familiarize themselves with uncommon discussions such as Welsh mythology.

  3. It can be a reuniting factor

    Celebrating National Dylan Day can bring plenty of people bearing the name together. Namesakes may make lasting connections and possibly touch each other's lives positively.

National Dylan Day dates

2024November 15Friday
2025November 15Saturday
2026November 15Sunday
2027November 15Monday
2028November 15Wednesday

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