National Drink Beer Day – September 28, 2019

Sat Sep 28

Beer lovers unite! Grab an ice-cold beer (or two) and get ready to celebrate National Drink Beer Day on September 28. With the craft beer scene more popular than ever, there are a wide variety of beers guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Maybe you’re a fan of IPAs and hoppy brews or maybe you prefer a dark stout. Whatever your preference is, there are so many options for you. And while it may seem like a bad idea to have an entire day dedicated to something that can potentially cause a lot of harm, know that in moderation, beer can also be good for you! Beer contains antioxidants, can lower risk of heart attacks, decrease risk of diabetes in women, and can be good for your bones (again, in moderation). So crack open a cold one, drink responsibly, and enjoy your day! Cheers!


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National Drink Beer Day - History


Can Me

The beer can is introduced in the US by the American Can Co.

1600 BC

Beer RX

Archaeologists have found over 100 Egyptian prescriptions calling for beer

4300 BC

The First Recipe

Babylonian clay tablets detail the first known recipe for beer

National Drink Beer Day Activities

  1. Do a tasting at a brewery

    Want to try some new beers? Visit your local brewery and order a flight of their beers to taste test. Bring friends and compare thoughts and rate the beers. Once you have discovered a new favorite, feel free to enjoy a full pint of it! Trying new beers is a great way to spend National Drink Beer Day with friends!

  2. Brew your own beer

    Become the brew master you've always wanted to be by finally making your own beer! Start in advance to enjoy the final product on National Drink Beer day or start the process that day while enjoying a few brews. You can purchase beer-making kits online and in specialty stores to help you get brewing!

  3. Have a drink with your friends

    Can’t get to a brewery? Don't want to make your own beer? No worries! Have some friends over for a cookout or a relaxing afternoon catching up over a few beers. Buy your favorite brew and invite your friends to bring theirs. Enjoying a good beer with good company is one of the best ways to celebrate National Drink Beer Day.

Why We Love National Drink Beer Day

  1. Beer is variety

    With craft breweries quickly growing in number, there are more varieties of beer than ever before. There are nitro brews, milk stouts, IPAs, EPAs, lagers, ales, wheat beers, pilsners, porters, and saisons. There are beers infused with coffee, chocolate, ginger, grapefruit, orange, and other various fruits and spices. The options are endless. Not only does this ensure you will never get bored of beer, it also means that there is a beer for every palate.

  2. Beer means friends

    One of the ways in which we most enjoy beer is in various social gatherings. While it is relaxing to have a cold beer when you get home from work, or to drink one with your dinner, it’s also great to enjoy beer with friends. Cookouts, laid back hangouts at a local bar, parties, and festivals are all great occasions to enjoy a cold one with friends or family. They always make an appearance and many of us show up to gatherings with beer as generous and gracious guests. Beer has been an important part of social gatherings around the world for ages and continues to be so today.

  3. Increased confidence

    Let's face it, we love that beer, like other forms of alcohol, gives a little boost in self-confidence. We feel more at ease in crowds and find it easier to socialize and relax. Just be sure not to go overboard or let alcohol become a crutch in social situations. Enjoy your beer, but be responsible!

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