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National Download Day - History

First mobile game invented

The first mobile phone game was a pre-installed form of Tetris, which came on a mobile phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000.

App Store opens

The App Store was opened on July 10, 2008 with 500 applications. In that first week,10 million apps were downloaded.

“Apps” go mainstream

“App” was awarded the honor of being 2010's "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society.

Apps get wearable

The Internet of Things (IoT) enters the mainstream, making apps not only wearable, but able to adjust the temperature in your home and even turn off your lights.
By 2020, more than 26 billion devices will be connected by the IoT.

National Download Day Activities

1. Set a New Year’s Resolution to spend more time on your phone
Apps really can make life better! From fitness apps to food delivery, movie apps to new mobile games, there’s a whole new year of interesting things to explore.

2. Reorganize all your apps
There’s something satisfying about rearranging the apps on your phone. It’s kind of like moving the furniture around in your house. It’s like getting a whole new room. With all the new apps you’re going to download, might as well take this opportunity to organize your phone.

3. Host a Virtual Gaming Party
Invite your friends to download a mobile game you can all play together, like Zynga's Words with Friends or Fort Mason Games’ Confetti Casino Slots. It’s cheaper (and can even be more fun) than a real party!

5 Mind-blowing Facts About Apps

1. Download numbers are in the 12 figures

Nearly 300 billion apps were downloaded in 2018. That’s around 33 apps for every person on Earth.

2. App developers make more money than you think

From Apple alone, app developers have earned $50 billion since 2008.

3. The average U.S. adult spends 4 hours and 39 minutes on communications apps per day

That’s around 1/5th of the day on apps like Snapchat and Tinder.

4. Mobile apps are used more than websites

63% of millennials prefer to make purchases on mobile apps.

5. Over 60% of apps in Apple’s App Store have never been downloaded

Show these apps some love this National Download Day; get out of your comfort zone and download one you’ve never tried before!

Why We Love National Download Day

A. Apps provide a great social life
From social media apps to social gaming apps like Confetti Casino, many of us would never talk to our friends—or even meet new ones across the world—if it weren’t for apps. We even socialize through apps while we’re sitting right next to each other.

B. Apps help us live longer
Mobile apps benefit our mind, body and soul. From fitness apps that log our calories and coach us to run farther, to meditation apps that keep our mind clear, we could be adding years to our lives each time we download an app. In fact, researchers at the University of Iowa found that mobile gaming will keep your brain sharp, as you get older, for up to seven years longer. Meditate on that!

C. Apps are inexpensive
90% of mobile games are free to play! For those that are paid, the average price is only 99 cents. Compare that with console games where it may cost upwards of $400 for the console and $50 for the game. Once again, apps are where it’s at!

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