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National Diego Day – October 22, 2024

National Diego Day is celebrated annually on October 22. The name Diego is a popular boy’s name in many Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, with several variations as both a first name and surname. Diego is the Spanish equivalent of the names James and Jacob due to it being derived from the same source: Saint James. The name is considered to be energetic and dynamic, which conveys the traits of leadership, loyalty, and stability.

History of National Diego Day

The name Diego is ‌an interpretation of the Spanish name Santiago, which is derived from “Sant Yago” or Saint Jacob. Its biblical origins make it a popular name in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations.

In medieval England, Diego became Latinized as Didacus, which is a variation of the Greek word ‘Didache,’ meaning “teacher.” In the 10th century, Didacus was occasionally referred to as Diaco or Diago, and Diego is believed to have first appeared in use in the 11th century. However, there has been much debate regarding the true origins of the Didacus interpretation.

Diego holds the meaning of “the supplanter,” like the name Jacob, and its derivative James, and is predominantly used in Iberian and Iberian-related cultures. People named Diego are associated with the charming traits of stability, loyalty, sensibility, discipline, cleverness, and leadership. Not only is it prevalent in Iberian cultures, but the name is widely used in the United States, owing to the country’s rising Hispanic population.

Since the 1970s, the name Diego has been globally associated with the world of soccer, due to the popularity and veneration of Argentine player Diego Maradona. It is believed that many baby boys around the world, during Maradona’s prime, were named Diego. His star status gave popularity to the name, particularly in the city of Napoli, Italy, where Maradona played during his peak years. Since then, there have been many famous Diegos across the world of soccer, including Diego Simeone, Diego Costa, Diego Forlan, and Diego Godin.

Diego has spawned several variations, such as Thiago (Brazil), Diogo (Portugal), Didac (Catalonia), and Xanti (Basque), because of its common use in Iberian cultures.

National Diego Day timeline

A Major City is Founded

The U.S. city of San Diego — “San Diego de Alcala”— is established as the first European settlement in California.

A Masterpiece Comes to Life

Muralist Diego Rivera paints ‘The Detroit Industry Murals,’ which many consider his masterpiece.

A Tournament For the Ages

Diego Maradona captains the Argentinian national soccer team to victory at the World Cup.

An Actor Makes His Debut

Mexican actor Diego Luna makes his film debut in Gabriel Retes’ “A Sweet Scent of Death.”

Diego the Explorer Hits the Airwaves

The character of Diego Marquez debuts as the cousin of Dora the Explorer in the movie and series of the same name.

National Diego Day FAQs

What is another name for Diego?

The widely accepted English equivalents of Diego are Jacob and James, owing to Diego’s history as a Spanish derivative of these names.

Is Diego a popular name?

Diego is a widely used name across the world in countries that have Spanish or Portuguese cultural or historical backgrounds.

Where is the name Diego most common?

Brazil, Argentina, and Spain have the most Diegos. Meanwhile, Mexico, the Philippines, and Spain have the most Diegos as surnames. However, these numbers do not account for the other variations of the name, such as Thiago, Diogo, and Tiago.

National Diego Day Activities

  1. Kick a ball for Diego

    Since the name Diego is connected with the world of soccer, why not go out and play a few matches? Playing soccer is an excellent workout for the body and it builds critical thinking skills while also teaching the merits of teamwork.

  2. Reach out to a Diego

    Spend time with a Diego in your life. You can prepare a delicious meal for them or hang out with them at the desired location. Show your appreciation by letting them know ‌you care about them.

  3. Enjoy the art of a Diego

    Aside from soccer, the name Diego is also associated with the art industry because of the iconic status of artists such as Diego Velazquez and Diego Rivera. Use National Diego Day as a day to admire their works and understand their popularity in the arts.

5 Interesting Facts About Diegos

  1. The goal of the century

    Many people consider Diego Maradona's second goal in Argentina's victory over England at the 1986 World Cup to be the best goal in soccer history.

  2. A boy of many voices

    Throughout his television career, the “Dora the Explorer” character Diego Marquez had been voiced by eight different voice actors.

  3. Legs you don’t want to mess with

    Mexican actor Diego Boneta, star of films such as “Rock of Ages” and “Terminator: Dark Fate” has a black belt in taekwondo.

  4. The naked facts

    Spanish painter Diego Velazquez’s 1647 painting ‘Rokeby Venus’ was the first female nude painting in Spanish history.

  5. A record-breaking find

    In 2004, at age seven, Chilean Diego Suarez held the record for the youngest person to discover a dinosaur fossil.

Why We Love National Diego Day

  1. We appreciate the associations

    The name Diego is associated with venerable traits such as loyalty, responsibility, and leadership. We love the fact that a name is strongly associated with traits that the world today desperately needs to see more of.

  2. It honors Diegos around the world

    Many Diegos around the world have changed lives by being good friends, family members, or a member of society. Hence, National Diego Day is a day that honors all they have done to make an impact in people's lives.

  3. The day celebrates the Diegos of soccer

    National Diego Day might be viewed as a day to honor all Diegos, past and present, who have played soccer, the most popular sport in the world. Many Diegos have appeared and improved the game while also capturing people's hearts throughout the world. This day is for them.

National Diego Day dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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