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WedJul 31

National Diana Day – July 31, 2024

National Diana Day is celebrated on July 31 every year. While you might immediately associate this name with royalty because of Princess Diana, ‘Diana’ has long been in existence for many centuries. Today, it’s time to celebrate all the women named Diana by sharing the origin of the name and its many cultural references. What’s more, it’s also the time of the year to highlight all the prominent figures named Diana — from politics, Hollywood, and other public figures. Find out more on how you can celebrate National Diana Day today.

History of National Diana Day

The origin of the name ‘Diana’ is rooted in Ancient Greece when Diana was introduced in Roman mythology. She was considered the Goddess of the Moon — a female counterpart of Roman God Artemis. Her other representations included crossroads, countryside, and hunters. As the Goddess of the Moon, she is also considered the patroness of childbirth and fertility.

As a baby name, ‘Diana’ emerged in the Indo-European region where it means ‘divine.’ In its Latin origin, Diana means ‘sky’ or ‘daylight.’ It’s also a metaphor for new beginnings, which is why it became a popular name for newborn girls.

The peak of Diana’s popularity as a baby’s name was in 1946 when it ranked number 42 as the most popular among newborn girls. It continued its surge throughout the decades after that but slowly dropped in the 1970s. By 1980, it ranked number 118, showing a decline in popularity. However, it spiked to number 62 by 1982 — the year Prince Charles married Princess Diana.

Perhaps the most popular ‘Diana’ in history is Diana, Princess of Wales herself. She represented royalty, poise, regality, and compassion. The name continued to be popular in the early to mid-1990s because of her Royal Highness. However, it showed a decline by 2000.

In 2014, a huge dip in the name’s popularity was seen as it ranked 298 in the baby’s names database. However, it slowly picked up its pace and ranked 244 in 2020.

National Diana Day timeline

Ancient Greece
Diana in Roman Mythology

Diana is introduced in Roman Mythology as the Goddess of the Moon.

The Peak of Diana’s Popularity

The name ‘Diana’ ranks at number 42 among the most common baby names.

Prince Charles Weds Princess Diana

‘Diana’ once again becomes popular as Prince Charles weds Princess Diana.

Decline in Popularity

The name ‘Diana’ declines in popularity and ranks at number 298 in the baby names database.

National Diana Day FAQs

What are the deviations of the name ‘Diana’?

Other versions or deviations of Diana include Dayanna, Diane, Dee, Diandra, and Dianna.

What was Princess Diana’s full name?

Princess Diana’s full name was Diana Frances Spencer.

What are the male versions of the name ‘Diana’?

The male versions of the name ‘Diana’ include Aiden, Dylan, Dane, and Dian.

National Diana Day Activities

  1. Watch Pablo Larrain’s “Spencer”

    In 2021, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain directed a film about Princess Diana starring Kristen Stewart. It’s a fascinating take on the late Princess’ psychological torments as she underwent episodes of repression and depression.

  2. Binge-watch “The Crown”

    If you’re a fan of a more straightforward bio-drama about the royal family, go watch “The Crown” on Netflix. Emma Corrin’s performance as Diana is impeccable.

  3. Send them a card

    Wish all the Dianas in your life a happy National Diana Day! Nothing beats a surprising greeting card to make their day.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Diana

  1. Diana Ross at the Oscars

    Ross was the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress.

  2. Wonder Woman’s real identity

    Wonder Woman’s real name in the D.C. Comics is Diana Prince.

  3. Croatian deviation

    The Croatian spelling of ‘Diana’ is ‘Dijana.’

  4. Princess Diana in film and T.V. shows

    Since 2013, Princess Diana was played by Naomi Watts, Emma Corrin, and Elizabeth Debicki.

  5. Diana in literature

    Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That End’s Well,” and Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” feature Diana characters.

Why We Love National Diana Day

  1. It represents confident, powerful women

    From Wonder Woman, and Diana Ross, to Princess Diana, the name represents powerful and accomplished women. It’s a great reminder of how confidence, kindness, and a heart of gold can take you a long way.

  2. It needs a comeback

    Over recent years, the name ‘Diana’ is becoming less and less popular. This holiday gives us the chance to bring it back to fashion.

  3. It is simply a beautiful name

    Just the sound of ‘Diana’ is music to the ears. It’s elegant, regal, and strong.

National Diana Day dates

2024July 31Wednesday
2025July 31Thursday
2026July 31Friday
2027July 31Saturday
2028July 31Monday

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