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TueDec 10

National Derek Day – December 10, 2024

National Derek Day is a fun day that falls on December 10 every year. It is the perfect chance to show Dereks how much we appreciate them. Derek is considered to be a popular masculine given name. Some common variations of Derek include Derrek, Derick, Dereck, Derrick, and Deric. People named Derek are usually quite artistic and poetic. They can also be keen observers with high intellect. Dereks tend to be scientific-minded. Dereks are known to be charitable and care deeply about the human condition. The popularity of the name Derek among English-speaking people did not take off until the middle of the 20th century.

History of National Derek Day

The name Derek debuted on the U.S. popularity charts in 1943. After that, it started advancing up the list of America’s most used boy names. In 1970, Derek achieved a Top 100 position. It managed to sustain the position for 25 straight years before falling off in 1996. The height of the name’s popularity came during the 1980s. This was when Derek danced around position number 50 on the charts.

In New York, the name Derek is still a Top 100 pick. The name honors the city’s beloved Yankee, Derek Jeter. Derek is considered to be a strong and masculine name. The name has a “no-nonsense” German quality rather than the French-sounding names or the poetic Spanish ones.

The name Derek dates back to the early 14th century, when an early bearer of the name ruled Keppel, Gelderland. His son succeeded him after his death, retaining his father’s name, Derek van Keppel. The name then entered England in the Middle Ages. Some Flemish weavers immigrated in large numbers to England from Flanders. King Edward III invited and encouraged them to settle in England. This was an effort to develop the English weaving industry. They brought the name Derek along with their spinning wheels.

The name Derek was developed from the Old Germanic name ‘Theodoric.’ It is derived from the words ‘þeud,’ which means ‘people’ or ‘race’ and ‘rīc,’ which means ‘power or ruler.’ Derek is also the short form English name for ‘Diederik,’ which is German.

National Derek Day timeline

Derek Bond is Born

Derek Bond, an actor, director, and playwright, is born.

Derek Acorah is Born

A British T.V. personality named Derek Acorah is born.

Derek Brockway is Born

Derek Brockway who is a Welsh meteorologist and T.V. presenter is born.

Derek Almstead is born

The musician/engineer named Derek Almstead is born.

National Derek Day FAQs

Is Derek a rare name?

In 2021, there were 1,089 baby boys named Derek. One out of every 1,709 baby boys born in 2021 is named Derek.

Is Derek a biblical name?

It is a unisex name mainly popular in the Christian religion derived from a German origin meaning ‘the ruler of the tribe.’

What does the name Derek mean spiritually?

It means ‘ruler of the people.’

National Derek Day Activities

  1. Share the day

    The day is more fun when you share it with other people. Tell your friends and family about it.

  2. Hug a Derek

    Share a nice hug with someone you know named Derek. Hugs are a simple and friendly gesture.

  3. Give a gift

    You can get someone named Derek a nice gift to show your appreciation for them. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

5 Interesting Facts About Dereks Around The World

  1. Derek Acorah was a medium

    Acorah was a popular British spiritual medium.

  2. Derek Almstead is a musician

    Almstead is an American musician/engineer.

  3. Derek Bailey was a guitarist

    Bailey was an English avant-garde guitarist.

  4. Derek Fleetwood was a harpist

    George Derek Fleetwood Bell was a Northern Irish harpist, pianist, oboist, musicologist, and composer.

  5. Derek Boshier is an artist

    Derek Boshier is an English artist who works in various media, including painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture.

Why We Love National Derek Day

  1. It is masculine

    Derek is considered to be a firm, masculine name that commands respect. Now you know what name to look for when you need some backing up!

  2. It is popular

    Derek is a popular name that is loved by many people around the world. Take the time and appreciate the Dereks you know.

  3. It is strong

    Derek is a strong name that has a strong historical background. You can learn more about the origin of the name.

National Derek Day dates

2024December 10Tuesday
2025December 10Wednesday
2026December 10Thursday
2027December 10Friday
2028December 10Sunday

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