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MonJul 8

National Denise Day – July 8, 2024

National Denise Day is on July 8 every year. ‘Denise’ is a common first name for girls in the nation. It has French and Greek roots; it’s pronounced ‘da-NEES.’ The name is considered the female counterpart of ‘Dennis.’ National Denise Day celebrates all Denises in the country.

History of National Denise Day

People consider that ‘Denise’ originated from ‘Dennis,’ the medieval form of Dionysius ― the Latin name for Zeus’s son, the Greek deity of wine and festivity. ‘Dionysius’ comes from the Greek word ‘Dionysos,’ which means ‘of Zeus’ and ‘Nysa,’ the mountain where the rain nymphs raised Dionysius. Thus, Dennis’ etymology equates to ‘Zeus of Nysa.’

St. Denis, one of France’s patron saints, was a missionary credited with converting the Gauls to Christianity; however, he was eventually killed in Paris by pagan priests for his efforts. The name has been popular in France since the Middle Ages because of St. Denis’ importance to the French people. It’s unclear when the female form, Denise, first appeared; however, we know that English speakers have used it since the 1920s.
Many notable Denises are in different industries, especially the entertainment industry, and they inspired babies to be named the same. ‘Denise’ gained prominence early, spread, and became a household name.

Denise was a popular name that climbed the charts in the early 20th century. While it may not be one of the most commonly given names today, there are still plenty of Denises in the world, and this day celebrates them.

National Denise Day timeline

The Emergence

The name ‘Denise’ appears in popular charts for the first time.

The Peak

Denise's popularity is at an all-time high as it remains #30 on the top charts.

The Decline

The name ‘Denise’ falls off the charts.

The Antiquity

Denise begins to be considered an outdated name.

National Denise Day FAQs

Is Denise still a popular name?

No, Denise is currently not in any popular name charts in the U.S.

What are some spellings of the name Denise?

Alternative spellings of Denise include Denyce, Dennise, Denisse, and Denice.

How many syllables are in this name?

Denise has two syllables.

National Denise Day Activities

  1. Call a Denise

    If you know someone named Denise in your life, call them and wish them or just check in on them! This act is sure to brighten up their day.

  2. Learn about a Denise

    Some famous Denises have done great work in their fields. Take time out on this day to read up about them.

  3. Wish a ‘Denise’ a happy National Day

    Use your social media channels to wish all Denises a happy National Denise Day. Celebrate them on this special day.

5 Famous Denises You Might Know

  1. Denise Crosby

    She is an actress and model in season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  2. Denise Richards

    She is a famous actress, model, and television personality.

  3. Denise Lewis

    She is a British sports presenter and former track-and-field athlete.

  4. Denise Ho

    She is a Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer and actress.

  5. Denise Garrett

    She is a Grammy award-winning American jazz singer.

Why We Love National Denise Day

  1. It has multiple roots

    The name has Greek and French significance. This heritage makes it extra meaningful.

  2. It’s great for wine lovers

    With its connection to the ‘god of wine,’ this name is perfect for a wine enthusiast family. Pop open a bottle to celebrate the day!

  3. Presentation prominence

    Many famous people named ‘Denise’ have careers in presentation and performing arts. Delve into their work on National Denise Day. You may discover a new favorite.

National Denise Day dates

2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday
2028July 8Saturday

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