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SatAug 31

National Dan Day – August 31, 2024

National Dan Day is celebrated on August 31 across the world. This fabulous, wise-sounding, and immensely popular three-letter name’s origins and history have many takers, including the Hebrew dialect, the Scandinavian natives, and the Asian strongholds. Dan is used mainly as a term of endearment for the name Daniel; it spans cultures and is a commonly used last name in the Chinese and Japanese communities. On this day, we celebrate the Dans, Dannys, Daniels, and every other version of the name for adding immense richness to our lives.

History of National Dan Day

Dan, which translates to “God is my judge” in Hebrew dialect, is our name of the day. Who doesn’t love a good lad named Dan? You’ll find one just about anywhere from the T.V. screens to our local streets. Although they are scattered almost everywhere, it doesn’t make them any less unique. The usage of the name Dan has been pretty prevalent in the U.S. since the early 19th century. In the first year of record-keeping, Dan was the 25th most popular name in the country.

The iconic characterization of Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley in the T.V. series “Gossip Girl,” can certainly take credit for the revival of Dan in America’s zeitgeist. Although Dan sounds like a classic American name, it spans many cultures. The name has roots in English, Japanese, and Hebrew languages. Besides being a pretty hip name that just rolls off the tongue, Dan is also one of the most religiously referenced names, with mentions in both the Christian Bible and the Torah.

21st century Dans are wildly respectable people with impressionable attitudes and the rigor to get things done. Often described by personality experts as elegant, noble, and creative, people sharing the name Dan are the Jack of all trades and masters of some. Ambition certainly suits the name that eludes so much confidence. On National Dan Day, communities worldwide raise a toast to the Dans amongst them.

National Dan Day timeline

The Grand Debut

Daniel (Dan) debuts on the name popularity charts at the 25th position.

The Daniel Crowd

There are more than 38,000 people in the U.S. with the name Daniel.

The Koreans Embrace It

The South Korean census registers 1,429 people with the last name Dan.

The New Highs

Daniel (Dan) reaches an all-time high in the U.S., ranking fifth.

National Dan Day FAQs

Is Daniel a popular name?

Daniel (Dan) is an immensely popular name in the U.S., consistently ranking in the top 25 most popular names since the beginning of the record-keeping.

Is Dan a surname?

Dan is both a first name and a surname.

Is Dan a Chinese name?

Dan is a popular Chinese last name shared by the diaspora worldwide.

National Dan Day Activities

  1. Throw a ‘Danny’ bash

    Do you have a Dan in your life? Let them feel the love. This August 31, invite your close buddies for an afternoon of fun and frolic. Pop open a bottle of champagne and shower the Dans of your life with appreciation and honest admiration.

  2. Have a “Schitt’s Creek” marathon

    This National Dan Day, absorb the excellence of “Schitt’s Creek” and its cast with a mini-marathon. Popcorn? Allowed. Diet Coke? We encourage it. Are you thinking of skipping the finale because you don’t want to cry? We recommend it.

  3. Read the “Torah”

    The “Torah,” the Hebrew “Bible,” includes the Tribe of Dan in the 12 tribes of Israel, and it tells how the Tribe of Dan handled the coastal areas during the passage to the Promised Land. The name Dan has since been used by Jews and Catholics across the oceans. As you celebrate the day of the Dans, read up on the biblical importance of this beautiful name.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Dan

  1. It’s not the same as it was

    Dan’s popularity has taken a hit from ranking 213 in 1880 to a new low of 4,118 in 2022.

  2. Dans are still everywhere

    In an average elementary class size of 480 kids, the probability of finding a boy named Daniel is nearly 72%.

  3. It’s biblical

    Dan first appears in “Torah” in ‘Genesis 30.’

  4. It’s Asian, too

    Multiple Chinese and Japanese surnames are romanized as Dan.

  5. It has a popular father

    Dan is a popular nickname for Daniel.

Why We Love National Dan Day

  1. It’s multicultural

    Dan is a pretty popular name across all cultures. In most English-speaking countries, Dan is often used as a nickname for Daniel. Whereas in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam, Dan is a significantly prevalent last name.

  2. It’s a sweet three-letter name

    Names like Meg, Mia, Ray, Ron, and Dan are fun and easy to accommodate. Think about it: No one will ever misspell your name if you're a Dan. Saying with Dan is commendable in a world ballooning with superficial names bloated with vowels.

  3. Dans are inspirational, noble, and natural leaders

    People with the name Dan like to be in charge. They’re the boss figures with the ability to command a room and get things done. Generating new ideas and finding creative solutions is their forte, and ignoring the pessimists and naysayers is their hobby. On August 31, we lift the Dans around us and make them feel heard and appreciated.

National Dan Day dates

2024August 31Saturday
2025August 31Sunday
2026August 31Monday
2027August 31Tuesday
2028August 31Thursday

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