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National Colby Day – December 25, 2024

National Colby Day is celebrated on December 25 which is right at the heart of the holiday season. With snow and the festivities in high gear, we do not have to remind you just how special you are. We already appreciate just how cheerful and charming you are not to mention your ability to effortlessly persuade anyone. For us who are blessed to have a Colby in our lives, read on to learn all you can about what makes these personalities the rock stars that they are.

History of National Colby Day

The name Colby has a long history that goes back to Old Norse. ‘Kol’ means coal or charcoal, while ‘byr’ refers to settlement. When the two are combined, the word signifies a village or farmstead belonging to “Koli” — a man with a dark-complexioned face. The name Koli has Viking roots, which probably explains the emphasis on a man’s rugged face, weather-beaten from the elements.

Colby started as the name of a place and evolved into an Old English surname. Travelers to England will still find towns named Colby scattered across regions such as Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and Westmorland. The origins of Colby as a family name began during the days of Britain’s Anglo-Saxon tribes. People who bore the name lived in Colby, a Norfolk parish. History remembers the Colby line as an ancient family that held titles and land in Norfolk. They were a family older than the Norman conquest and the arrival of Duke William Hastings, or William the Conqueror. It was not uncommon to encounter various spelling variations of Colby (Colbey, Coalby). The numerous changes in spelling reflect the influences of Latin, French, and several other languages on English.

The name appeared outside England after Colby’s descendants migrated to the U.S. To escape the political turmoil in England, families began to board ships sailing for British colonies, particularly North America and Jamaica. These ships were overcrowded, dirty, and riddled with disease, but many took the risk since the rewards were significant — land and freedom from political persecution. Families who survived the passage played a crucial role in the colonies they eventually settled in. Today, Colby is a widely-used name in Canada and the U.S.

National Colby Day timeline

410 — 1066
The Early Days

The first Colbys settle in the English county of Norfolk.

1001 — 1100
The First Recorded Surname

The 11th-century “Domesday Book” first records a surname spelled ‘Colebei’.

The Colbys Arrive in the U.S.

Ship logs document the arrival of early settlers Anthony and Susannah Colby in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Grammy Award Win

Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz win the Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

National Colby Day FAQs

How old is the name Colby?

The English have used Colby since the 11th century. The name rose in prominence under a century ago in the U.S. and Canada.

Is Colby a cool name?

In 1968, Colby made it to the list of top 1,000 names in America. The name featured in the top 100 at rank 99 in 2001, albeit short-lived.

Is Colby a boy or a girl’s name?

in the U.S., Colby is a popular name for boys while it has just started being used as a girl’s name.

National Colby Day Activities

  1. Share about this day

    Talk about National Colby Day on social media. Post something special for the Colbys you know.

  2. Make it bubbly

    Listen to Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” to feel like a warm summer afternoon. Indulge in a glass of champagne while at it.

  3. Break through and dance

    Today’s a good day to do a ‘Colby O’Donis’ and just dance! Whether in the club or at home, dance till you can no more.

5 Notable Colbys

  1. Colbie Marie Caillat

    She is an American singer-songwriter whose debut album ‘Coco’ has sold over two million copies in the U.S. and is certified as ‘double platinum.’

  2. Colby Coash

    He was a Senator from Nebraska from 2009 to 2017.

  3. Colby Bishop

    Born in 1996, he is a professional soccer player who plays for U.K.’s Portsmouth Club

  4. Colby Burnett

    He was a contestant in the American game show ‘Jeopardy’ and he won the Teachers and the Champions Tournament.

  5. Colby James West

    This American skier is a three-time bronze Medalist at the Winter X Games.

Why We Love National Colby Day

  1. Colby’s day

    Colby Day is a celebration for no reason except for being Colby. We think it’s the best kind of self-affirmation there is.

  2. The little things

    Today reminds us that good people make life infinitely better. Let’s always keep them close.

  3. Expressive love

    We know love can have many languages, but sometimes, an outright show of it works best to get the message across. This day inspires us to be expressive with our love.

National Colby Day dates

2024December 25Wednesday
2025December 25Thursday
2026December 25Friday
2027December 25Saturday
2028December 25Monday

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