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SatSep 28

National Chris Day – September 28, 2024

National Chris Day takes place on September 28 every year. Chris is a predominantly male name of Greek origin. Derived from the Greek word ‘Christoforos,’ Chris means “bearer of Christ.” Its long form is the name Christopher, made up of two constituent parts: ‘Christos’ (Christ) and ‘pherein’ (to bear). The name has been around since the 10th century but came into popular use during the 15th century. It was used by early Christians as a metaphor, to express the fact that they carried Christ in their hearts. In 2021, Chris held number 660 on the list of most popular male names in the U.S.

History of National Chris Day

During the Middle Ages, there was a legend about a saint named Christopher, who literally carried a young Jesus across a river, leading to his canonization and popularity as a patron saint for travelers. Its popularity peaked during the 20th century, becoming one of the top 20 most popular male names in England and Wales. Chris may also be a short-form of Christian or Christiana.

Christopher has a mind-boggling number of variations in other cultures, a few of which are: Christoffel in Afrikaans; Kristafor, Kristufer, or Kristufar in Arabic; Krystafier in Belarusian; Cristofanu in Corsican; Krystof in Czech; Kristoffer’ in Finnish; Christof, Christoph, or Christoffer in German; Cristovo in Galician; and Christoffel, Christoforus, Kristof, or Christophe in Dutch. Other abbreviations of Christopher include Kit, Topher, Kris, and Kester.

Based on Social Security Administration records between 2000 and 2021, Chris was at its most popular in 2008, ranking 346th in the list of most popular male names in the United States. In 2021, its popularity dropped to 660th place on the list, matching 407 births accounting for only 0.022% of total male births in that year.

National Chris Day timeline

Middle Ages
The Saint Christopher Legend Emerges

The legend of Saint Christopher begins circulating among certain Christians.

20th Century
Christopher’s Popularity Peaks

Christopher peaks in popularity in England and Wales.

Christopher’s Popularity Increases in the U.S.

Christopher reaches its highest level of popularity in the United States.

Christopher Ranks 660th

Chris ranks 660th on the list of the most popular male names in the United States.

National Chris Day FAQs

Is Chris mentioned in the “Bible?”

No. The name does not appear anywhere in the “Bible.”

Is Chris a male or female name?

Chris can be used as a name for both boys and girls.

Where does the name Christian come from?

The name came into use in Antioch in the period after the ascension of Jesus, as people began calling his disciples “followers of Christ.”

National Chris Day Activities

  1. Celebrate the name

    Know anybody named Chris? Wish them a happy National Chris Day!

  2. Say it a different way

    There’s so much fun to be had with word games. Rearrange the name and see if you can make any new words by spelling it differently.

  3. Share this article

    Tell others about National Chris Day. Share this article on social media and spread awareness of the day.

5 Popular Individuals Named Chris

  1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

    Born December 7, 1963, Oyakhilome is the founder and pastor of the Nigerian-based Christ Embassy church.

  2. Chris Evans

    Born June 13, 1981, Evans is an American actor, famous for playing Captain America in the Marvel series.

  3. Chris Hemsworth

    Born August 11, 1983, Hemsworth is an Australian actor, best known for his roles in “Thor,” “A Perfect Getaway,” and “Red Dawn.”

  4. Chris Pratt

    Born June 21, 1979, Pratt is an American actor, particularly famous for playing Andy Dwyer in “Parks and Recreation.”

  5. Chris Rock

    Born February 7, 1965, Rock is an American comedian, actor, film producer, and writer who has been part of films such as “Down to Earth.”

Why We Love National Chris Day

  1. Chris has beautiful meaning

    To believers of Christianity, Chris is a heart-warming name. “Bearers of Christ” is a beautiful pointer to the crux of their beliefs.

  2. Chris sounds strong

    Chris is a strong name. Its spelling and pronunciation lend it a strong sensation and quality.

  3. Chris is rich in origin

    Unlike many others, Chris is not a name pulled out of thin air. Its origins are rooted in history and backed with hard evidence.

National Chris Day dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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