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National Carson Day – July 27, 2024

National Carson Day, observed every July 27, is a celebration of the name Carson, its origin and meaning, and the people bearing it. Did you know that Carson is originally an Irish name? Carson is a gender-neutral name that has Irish and Scottish origins. It means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’ and is popularly used as a surname in the United States. The name Carson brings together modernity with a touch of Wild West, giving a perception of firmness and flexibility yet daring. Famous people with the name Carson include Ben Carson (presidential aspirant), Carson Daly (talk show host), Johnny Carson (talk show host), and Carson Palmer (football player).

History of National Carson Day

Carson, meaning ‘son of marsh-dwellers,’ is originally a Scottish surname of Brythonic origin (ancient Briton/Celtic origin). In the 12th century, the surname first appeared in history as ‘aCarson’ in Dumfriesshire, a part of present-day Dumfries and Galloway Council Area. While the name’s original meaning has been lost in history, it might likely have been the name of a place.

In the 1100s, a member of the Carson family, Morris aCarson was appointed to the position of Bailiff of the Isle of Man by King Alexander I of Scotland. Over several generations, the Carson family remained provosts of Dumfries and played a prominent role in the local affairs of Kirkcudbrightshire. The Carsons were known for their ferociousness and strength, which were required to survive in those times. The motto of the Carson clan is ‘Ne m’oubliez’ (Don’t forget me).

In the 17th century, some members of the Carson family arrived in Colonial America from Ireland. One of their descendants is Kit Carson, born Christopher Houston Carson in 1809, near Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky. He became a famous American frontiersman who took the Carson name to prominence. Carson is known to have contributed to the westward expansion of the United States. In the 1840s, together with John C. Fremont, he helped open up much of California, Oregon, and the Great Basin to future pioneers. He participated in the conquest of California from Mexico at the beginning of the Mexican-American war and led a regiment during the American Civil War. In 1858, Abraham Curry founded Carson City, naming it after Kit Carson.

National Carson Day timeline

Carson Appears in History

King Alexander I of Scotland appoints Morris aCarson as the Bailiff of the Isle of Man.

17th Century
The Carsons Arrive in America

Members of the Carson family arrive in Colonial America from Ireland.

Kit Carson is Born

Christopher Houston Carson is born near Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky.

Carson City

Abraham Curry establishes Carson City, naming it after Kit Carson.

National Carson Day FAQs

Is Carson a good name?

People bearing Carson are considered mystical, wise, intuitive, imaginative, and adventurous. Based on these, we can say Carson is a good name.

Is Carson a girl or boy name?

Carson is an androgynous name, meaning it’s a name for both boys and girls. Although for the latter, the variants Karson, Karsen, and Carsen are used.

Is Carson a biblical name?

The name Carson is not in the bible. It is a name with Irish and Scottish origins and means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’

National Carson Day Activities

  1. Share your wishes

    Head to your social media page and put a post celebrating every Carsons worldwide. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalCarsonDay.

  2. Hangout with a Carson

    If one of your friends is bearing the name Carson, celebrate them today. Either take them out to their favorite restaurant, a cinema, club, or an amusement park — if that’s their thing. Ensure to give them the best time ever!

  3. Visit Carson City

    Another way to celebrate National Carson Day is to visit the beautiful Carson City in Nevada. You can pass through the city to the world’s gambling capital, only seven hours away from Las Vegas. Visit the Nevada State Capitol Building, walk on the Kit Carson Trail, and tour the Nevada State Museum.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Carson

  1. A capital city

    Carson City is the capital of Nevada, a territory of the United States.

  2. Home to the Washoe people

    The Washoe people have inhabited Carson’s valley and surrounding areas for 6,000 years.

  3. Uniquely located

    Carson City is one of the two capital cities in the United States that borders another state.

  4. Gifted hands

    Ben Carson, a United States presidential aspirant, is the first recorded surgeon to have successfully separated conjoined twins joined at the back of the head.

  5. Great personalities

    People with the name Carson, such as Carson Daly and Johnny Carson, are some of the best T.V. show personalities that the U.S. has produced.

Why We Love National Carson Day

  1. Carsons are highly creative and intelligent

    People named Carson are some of the most intelligent and creative individuals that the United States has produced. That includes the likes of Ben Carson, a world-leading neurosurgeon, and T.V. show personality Johnny Carson, six times Primetime Emmy Awards winner.

  2. Carson has variants

    Carson has both male and female variations. That offers options to parents looking to make their child’s name stand out. These include Carsen, Carvell, and Carsyn. The female variations are Karson, Karsen, and Carsen.

  3. Carson City is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the U.S.

    While being a relatively small city in the United States, Carson City has many attractions for people looking to explore Nevada. These include the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Washoe Lake State Park, and Kit Carson Trail.

National Carson Day dates

2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday
2028July 27Thursday

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