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National Caesar Day – December 11, 2024

National Caesar Day is celebrated on December 11 every year to honor the people who are named Caesar. Caesar is a masculine name given to boys. It is believed to have a Spanish, Latin origin meaning ‘head of hair.’ The name is used in the U.S. most frequently by Hispanic parents, who tend to emphasize the second syllable when pronouncing it. Caesar might have become more popular with ancient Roman names back in vogue. The most famous name bearer is Julius Caesar. He lived in the first century B.C. and is known for his military exploits as a Roman general.

History of National Caesar Day

The name is a favorite among Latino parents in the United States. It is an ancient Roman name. It is believed to be derived from the Latin ‘caesaries,’ which means ‘head of hair.’ Gaius Julius Caesar is the most notable person in history with the name. He was the father of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. After the spectacular success of Caesar, the name was adopted by his Imperial successors and was eventually taken as a generic title.

Caesar was first listed on the U.S. baby name charts in the mid-1900s. The name has grown in popularity since then. The Spanish-speaking population mainly influences the usage of the name César in America. It is most popular among people of Hispanic/Latino descent. It was in 1948 that the name first appeared in America. The name reached its height of popularity right around the turn of the 21st century.

The name has reduced in popularity as the second and third generations of Latino-Americans are growing into childbearing years. They have assimilated more into American culture and are letting go of their distinctly Spanish-sounding given names. The Spanish influence of names is romantic, poetic, and diverse. César is a name that is strong and unique. It carries with it an imperial resonance without sounding overly dramatic or arrogant. Caesar is a name that deserves to be passed down over generations. Any future Caesars would be proud to bear the name.

National Caesar Day timeline

Caesar Rodney is Born

A signer of the American Declaration of Independence, named Caesar Rodney is born.

Caesar Korolenko is Born

A Russian psychiatrist named Caesar Korolenko is born.

Caesar Lvovich Kunikov Dies

An officer in the Soviet Union named Caesar Lvovich Kunikov dies.

Caesar Bacarella is Born

An American racing driver named Caesar Bacarella is born.

National Caesar Day FAQs

Who is Caesar Bacarella?

Caesar P. Bacarella is an American professional stock car racing driver who competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Who was Cesare Cardini?

Cesare Cardini was an Italian restaurateur, chef, and hotel owner.

Who was Caesar Kunikov?

Ts(a)ezar or Caesar Lvovich Kunikov was an officer in the Soviet Naval Infantry who served as commanding officer during World War II.

National Caesar Day Activities

  1. Give a gift

    Give a gift to someone you know whose name is Caesar. It can be a small gift to make them happy.

  2. Share the day

    Share National Caesar Day with your friends and family. Everyone can take part in the fun.

  3. Greet a Caesar

    Use this as an opportunity to say hello to someone named Caesar. You might end up making a buddy.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name ‘Caesar’

  1. Caesar Rodney was a lawyer

    Rodney was an American Founding Father, lawyer, and politician.

  2. Takeshi Caesar is an actor

    Takeshi Caesar is a Japanese actor and retired kickboxer.

  3. Caesar Hofacker was a Colonel

    Caesar von Hofacker was a German Luftwaffe Lieutenant Colonel.

  4. Cesar Romero was an actor

    Cesar Julio Romero Jr. was an American actor who was active in film, radio, and television.

  5. Caesar Korolenko was a psychiatrist

    Caesar Petrovich Korolenko was a Russian psychiatrist who worked mainly on addictive disorders.

Why We Love National Caesar Day

  1. It is meaningful

    The name Caesar is a strong name that has a traditional meaning. It would suit anyone with a strong personality.

  2. It is unique

    Caesar is a name that stands out and makes the bearer unique. It also has a regal quality due to its forebearers.

  3. It is popular

    Caesar is a name that is famous around the world. You would be shocked at the number of people who share this name.

National Caesar Day dates

2024December 11Wednesday
2025December 11Thursday
2026December 11Friday
2027December 11Saturday
2028December 11Monday

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