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National Brendan Day – February 2, 2025

National Brendan Day takes place on February 2 every year. Brendan is predominantly a male Irish name that means ‘prince.’ Originally, it was a Welsh name. According to Irish tradition, Brendan the Voyager was the first European to set foot on American land, and his name has been associated with the country for decades, peaking in the late 1990s. It was initially charted in the United States in 1941, and it was particularly popular with Irish-American boys, as one might expect. Brandon, an English surname, is occasionally confused with it.

History of National Brendan Day

Brendan is an English-language Irish masculine given name. It comes from the Gaelic name Breandán, which is derived from the older Old Irish name Brénainn. The name is derived from the Old Welsh ‘breenhin,’ which means ‘prince’ or ‘king.’ Brendanus, the medieval Latin form of the name, has affected modern English and Irish spellings. Brendon and Brenden are alternative spellings. Brandon is probably a variation of Brendan in some situations, while Breanndán is a variant spelling of the Irish Breandán.

Brendan is an anglicized version of the Irish Breandán, which is derived from the Old Irish Brénainn. The word ‘breenhn,’ which means ‘prince’ in Welsh, was borrowed to create this Old Irish personal name. The English and modern Irish forms, ‘Brendanus’ and Breandán, are both derived from the medieval Latin form, Brendanus. According to an old Irish source, there are 17 saints with the name. It can assume the form Bhreandán when used in an Irish sentence.

Brendan and Brenda have no etymological connection. This feminine given name is supposed to come from the Old Norse element ‘brand,’ which means “flame sword.” Brandon is a masculine given name that is derived in most cases from the surname Brandon, which is derived from two Old English roots.

National Brendan Day timeline

484 A.D.
Brendan of Clonfert

Brendan of Clonfert, an early Irish monastic saint and one of Ireland's Twelve Apostles, is born.

Name Registration

The name Brendan is registered in the United States.

Brendan the Voyager

Brendan the Voyager, the first European to set foot on American land, has his name peaking during this time.

The ‘Top 100 American Baby Names’

Brendan makes the ‘top 100 given names for infants in the United States.

National Brendan Day FAQs

Does Brendan mean bravery?

Brendan is a Gaelic baby name that means ‘brave’ in Gaelic.

Brendan, how do you say it in Irish?

You pronounce it “Bren-Dawn.”

Is Brendan or Brandon more popular?

Brandon is the more popular of the two names.

National Brendan Day Activities

  1. Customize jewelry

    If you’re not big on bold gestures, subtle but well-thought-out custom jewelry is a way to celebrate. Make a unique bracelet for yourself or a friend named Brendan.

  2. Learn your name in different languages

    Your name might be English, but it definitely sounds different in another language. Try your hand at learning your name in at least five languages.

  3. Write a poem

    You can try your hand at writing a poem inspired by the letters of your name. The goal is not to take yourself too seriously and to just have fun.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Brendan

  1. The 717th position

    Brendan was the 717th most popular boy's name in the United States.

  2. Babies named Brendan

    Brendan was the name of one out of the 342 newborn boys born in 2020.

  3. 36,868 people named Brendan

    With an estimated population of 36,868 people, Brendan is the 980th most prevalent given name in the United States.

  4. Less than 20

    For every 100,000 Americans, there are 12 people named Brendan.

  5. Mostly used as a first name

    Brendan is used as a first name 99% of the time.

Why We Love National Brendan Day

  1. Brendan has a long history

    The name Brendan has a long history. It dates as far back as 484 A.D. to the Irish monastic saint.

  2. It focuses on making people feel special

    It's a day dedicated to making others feel special. On their name day, everyone who shares a name is recognized and receives flowers and presents. This custom transcends nationality, religion, citizenship, and age, and is only linked by the fact that they share a name.

  3. It’s less stressful than birthdays

    It's a fantastic reason to spoil yourself. Birthdays bring with them the stress of growing older and having to plan something. Name days, on the other hand, are more relaxed and provide an excellent opportunity to indulge yourself without feeling obligated.

National Brendan Day dates

2025February 2Sunday
2026February 2Monday
2027February 2Tuesday
2028February 2Wednesday
2029February 2Friday

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