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TueSep 17

National Bobby Day – September 17, 2024

National Bobby Day is marked on September 17 for most people born of English heritage. There are however similar days celebrated by people with European roots. In Chechia, Germany, and Poland, Bobby Day is celebrated on April 29; in Denmark, it falls on September 7; in Estonia, Finland, and Norway, it is observed on June 7.

Bobby is the quintessential endearment of the name Rob, which in itself is an abbreviation of the name Robert, which was conceived from the Old German ‘Rupert,’ which means ‘bright, shining fame’ — an all-time favorite boys’ name since the Middle Ages.

History of National Bobby Day

The name Bobby is a very popular first name for boys. People bearing this name are often from Germany, Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. As we mentioned earlier, the name Bobby has Ancient Germanic roots, from the name Robert.

The earliest known bearer of the name was the Duke of Normandy, Robert The First, the father of William the Conqueror, who lead the Norman conquest of England. The name has since been one of the most common male names in Europe since the 13th century. It was a royal name in France, Germany, Scotland, and England during the medieval period, and was borne by several kings, dukes, and many dignitaries and noblemen. Though Bobby is very common as a forename, it has also been used on rare occasions as a last name, in the U.S., Scotland, the U.K., and Canada, from the 1850s to the 1920s. Its earlier use as a surname is found in the middle-ages in a place called Lincolnshire, where there were three places called Boothby.

More recently, Bobby is ranked at number 53,039 among the most frequently used family names internationally, with approximately one in 755,813 people bearing the name. Data collected by Social Security Administration show that in 2020 Bobby came in as number 80 among the most popular name for boys in the U.S. The use of the name has since decreased; however, variations of the name, such as Roberto, Robertson, Robrecht, Roopertti, Rupert, Robbie, Roberta, Robina, and Robyn, are still in common use.

Bobbys are usually very charismatic individuals; their determination and independence make them natural leaders headed for success. Their self-confidence compels them to be very social. You can be sure they will have no trouble making new friends.

National Bobby Day timeline

The Name is Popular Among Handymen

The majority of people bearing Bobby are either laborers, maids, or house helps.

The Preferred Choice for Baby Boys

Bobby becomes one of the top 10 most popular boy names in the U.S. — and remains so for 47 years.

Bobbys Average Salary

People bearing the name Bobby are, on average, earning about $46,681 per annum.

The Name is no Longer as Popular

The name Bobby is currently ranked among the top 1,000 most popular baby names.

National Bobby Day FAQs

Can Bobby have a nickname ?

Although on its own Bobby could be a nickname, some cool short forms, such as Bowie, Bee, Beau, Bob, Bubba, Bayou, Bobbie, Bobbi, Bhavya, and Bibi, can be used.

Where is the name Boby most popular?

Nowadays, the majority of people bearing the name are either in the U.S. or in India.

What character traits define Bobbys?

Bobbys are often proactive, creative, and ambitious, making them born leaders. They are also very determined and focused, which helps them endure tough situations as long as the outcome is worth it.

National Bobby Day Activities

  1. Send a card with a personal touch

    Send your Bobby a happy-name-day E. Card. It takes little to no time to get it done and it would be a pleasant surprise for them.

  2. Get them fresh flowers

    If you're looking for a reason to buy flowers for a friend or acquaintance, a name day is definitely a good one. It will show you care enough to do something special for them.

  3. Treat your friends

    Make your friends' day stand out by giving them a bottle of sparkling wine. You can also get them any small gift to show that you care.

5 Famous Bobbys

  1. Bobby Brown

    He is an American musician and contemporary R&B rapper.

  2. Bobby Cox

    He is an American baseball player, coach, and manager who won a World Series title with the Atlanta Braves in 1995.

  3. Bobby Seale

    He was a human rights activist, author, and co-founder of the Black Panther Party.

  4. Bobby Reynolds

    Reynolds is a skilled and renowned tennis player, with a status ranking of 46.

  5. Bobby Jindal

    Jindal is a politician who served as the 55th Governor of Louisiana, the youngest ever to do so.

Why We Love National Bobby Day

  1. It’s like a second birthday

    Imagine everyone showering you with gifts of endearment and affection, all in celebration of your name. Plus, no one asks any questions about your age.

  2. A day to educate ourselves

    Every name day is as good as any opportunity to educate yourself on some of your favorite names. There are fascinating histories about some popular names we see and hear every day.

  3. For the sake of tradition

    A name day is a feast day of the saint whose name you share. Observing the day is a good way to show, collectively, how important our names are.

National Bobby Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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