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FriJun 7

National Benjamin Day – June 7, 2024

National Benjamin Day is celebrated on June 7 every year. According to the Hebrew Bible, Benjamin is Jacob’s 12th and final son and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Benjamin. The name translates to ‘son of the right hand’ or ‘son of the south.’ It means ‘son of my days’ in the Samaritan Pentateuch. Besides the name being historically and spiritually significant to Jewish parents, Benjamin is also an excellent option for its countless beautiful nicknames. These include Ben, Benny, and even Benji, which you’ll enjoy calling baby Benjamin as he grows older. The name Benjamin has consistently maintained a position on the U.S. popularity charts for over a century, among the Top 100.

History of National Benjamin Day

Benjamin is a biblical name; he was the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons. Rachel, his mother, died while giving birth to him in Genesis 35:18. “And while her spirit was going (because she was dying), she called him Ben-oni, but his father called him Benjamin.” The name ‘Benoni’ translates to ‘son of my grief,’ but his father did not want him to have such a bad name because of his mother’s death, so he was given the name ‘Benyamin.’ Benjamin is most likely translated as ‘son of the south’ since he was Jacob’s only son born in Canaan, south of Mesopotamia.

However, ‘yamim’ is supposed to be a translation of the Hebrew word ‘years,’ adding another version to the name’s meaning as ‘son of my old age,’ referring to Benjamin being Jacob’s final child. Surprisingly, in the Middle Ages, the name was frequently given to boys whose mothers died after childbirth. Today, it is no longer associated with such unfortunate connections. It is extensively used in America, England, and Scotland as an anglicized form of the Gaelic ‘Beathan,’ which ironically translates to ‘son of life.’ Benjamin has been among the top 30 boys’ names since the mid-1970s; this may be due to the immensely acclaimed 1967 film “The Graduate” and its central character, Benjamin Braddock.

While Biblical in origin, the name Benjamin appears to transcend religion and is a popular choice among Christians, Jews, and agnostics equally. Something is appealing about this name for everyone. It has longevity without seeming fashionable or outdated, and it is appealing in all of its forms. Benjamin’s lengthy and attractive version may be shortened to ‘Benjy’ or ‘Ben.’ It’s no surprise that it has remained popular for this long.

National Benjamin Day timeline

Benny Goodman is Born

Goodman, an American clarinetist who is known as the “King of Swing,” is born.

Benjamin Franklin Features on the $100 Bill

The first $100 bill featuring Benjamin Franklin enters circulation, a place the founding father has retained ever since.

Benjamin Netanyahu Serves as the Prime Minister

Netanyahu is appointed as Israel's youngest-ever Prime Minister.

Ben Affleck Wins Awards as a Writer

Affleck wins the Golden Globe and the Academy Award as a writer for Best Original Screenplay for “Good Will Hunting.”

National Benjamin Day FAQs

Why do they call money ‘Benjamins?’

It is a term that refers to a $100 note. The word derives from the name of a well-known American whose portrait appears on the $100 note, and Benjamin Franklin is his name. As a result, a Benjamin equals 100 dollars.

What is the female version of Benjamin?

Benjamina is the female variation of the name Benjamin.

What is a nickname for Benjamin?

Benjamin is frequently abbreviated as Ben, Benny, Benito, Benji, and similar terms.

National Benjamin Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie

    Today you can watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." This movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, who has a rare disease case that makes his life a journey full of adventures.

  2. Read a biography

    Read the biography of the founding father of the U.S., Benjamin Franklin. His story will be a great inspiration for you to do something meaningful for your country.

  3. Invite other Benjamins to your house

    If your name is Benjamin, invite other Benjamins to attend your barbeque party. You can share experiences about the background of why you were named Benjamin.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Benjamin

  1. It is the seventh most popular name

    Benjamin was the seventh most popular boy name in 2020.

  2. The most famous Benjamin

    The most famous Benjamin in the U.S. is Benjamin Franklin.

  3. One of 151 babies

    One out of every 151 baby boys in 2020 is named Benjamin.

  4. Benjamin in the Bible

    In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the 12th and youngest son of Jacob and the founder of one of the southern tribes of the Hebrews.

  5. Importance of the name

    It’s historically and spiritually important to Jewish and Christian parents.

Why We Love National Benjamin Day

  1. Benjamins are adventurous

    Benjamins are adventurous people who can be found worldwide, and they often enjoy traveling to new places. They may also be interested in learning about foreign cultures or other cultures. Some people with this characteristic might even want to pursue careers that allow them to travel or explore different parts of the world.

  2. Benjamins are adaptable

    Benjamins have adaptable characteristics and are flexible, adaptable, and open to new experiences. They can adjust their behavior to suit their situation and often appear relaxed and easygoing.

  3. Benjamins are intellectual

    Benjamins have intellectual characteristics, are knowledgeable, and can think outside of the box. They like to solve problems, and they enjoy learning new things. They also tend to be creative, making them great at coming up with new ideas or solutions. They can often see connections between things that others have never thought about before.

National Benjamin Day dates

2024June 7Friday
2025June 7Saturday
2026June 7Sunday
2027June 7Monday
2028June 7Wednesday

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