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SatJun 10

National Bae Day – June 10, 2023

National Bae Day is celebrated on June 10. It is one of the many holidays in the year assigned to lovers to celebrate with each other. Do you know that ‘bae’ stands for “before anyone else?” Yes, that is right. It just means that calling someone your ‘bae’ means that person comes before anyone else and so you should treat them as such so they do not have any reason to doubt their importance in your life. National Bae Day is a golden opportunity for you to show them that they are truly number one in your life. Make your bae feel special today.

History of National Bae Day

There is no clear explanation for why or how National Bae Day came to be. We could tell the novelty day was created on the Internet because it is tied to National Boyfriend Day. Although no single source is officially credited with initiating this momentous day.

Dating is a stage in romantic relationships in which two people meet socially with the goal to evaluate each other’s desirability as a prospective partner in a future intimate relationship. It is a type of courtship in which the pair engages in social activities either as a couple or with others. Dating procedures and practices, as well as the names used to describe them, vary greatly from society to society and over time. While the term has multiple connotations, the most common usage relates to two people testing their compatibility romantically by going on dates with each other. People can date over the phone or the internet, or they can meet in person, thanks to current technology.

‘Bae’ is a slang term of endearment commonly used among Black adolescents. It became popular in 2013 and 2014 as a result of social media and hip-hop and R&B lyrics. It primarily refers to a person’s love partner, particularly a girlfriend or boyfriend, but it has also been used as a broad term of fondness for everything, even inanimate items. The term can be used in both male and female contexts. The term evolved from an abbreviation of the words ‘baby’ or ‘babe.’

National Bae Day timeline

The First Use of the Word ‘Boyfriend’

People use the term ‘boyfriend’ for the first time in a platonic way.

Word of the Year

Grant Barrett, a lexicographer, nominates it for the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year.

Bae is Mentioned in a Song

Pharell Williams uses the word ‘bae’ in his single ‘Come Get It Bae.’

It’s Popularity Rises

National Bae Day becomes popular across social media.

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