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TueFeb 11

National Ava Day – February 11, 2025

National Ava Day is celebrated on February 11 as an homage to one of the most iconic and popular feminine names in many countries and languages. The name is among the most identifiable due to the numerous versions that have existed and are currently in use, as well as its widespread use across many languages and cultures.

History of National Ava Day

Even though in the present day, the name Ava is widely recognized as a well-liked name in English-speaking nations, it also has origins in other languages. The name Ava is frequently abbreviated these days for other similar feminine names. Avelina, Avenira, and other well-known examples are examples of this. The name Eva or Eve, which is by itself a short form for several feminine names, is frequently used as an alternative form or variant of Ava.

The name Ava first appears as a surname independently during the medieval era, according to historical records. Ava made its debut as a Germanic female name at this time. In the Germanic tradition, the name Ava is seen to be quite close to other medieval names like Avagisa and Avuldis. Ava is a well-known name in other languages as well. Ava’s meaning in Germanic names is unknown, but in Persian, it is ‘voice’ or ‘sound,’ which accounts for the name’s widespread use as a Persian name.

Although usually used as a short form of several Russian feminine names, the name Ava is extremely common in Russian languages. The name Ava has frequently been used as a reference to the name Eve or as an alternative spelling in English, French, and other European languages. Due in large part to the prominence of American actress Ava Gardner, the name Ava has recently gained popularity as a standalone surname, particularly in English-speaking countries.

National Ava Day timeline

8th Century
The Earliest Usage

The name Ava is used for the first time in Germanic languages.

19th Century
Ava Lowle Willing

The American heiress is known as one of the first people to carry the name in the modern period.

Ava Gardner

The American actress becomes an iconic figure in world cinema.

Ava Max

The Albanian-American singer is one of the last known modern usages of the name.

National Ava Day FAQs

Is Ava a pretty name?

Ava is a daintily pretty yet ‘lively’ name, a minimalistic two-syllable moniker that’s both easy to say and spell. It has a decidedly softer sound to it than Eva and it comes well-equipped with understated beauty.

What is the difference between Eve and Ava?

Although the names are similar, there is a defining difference between them. Ava is of Germanic origin and has long been considered a mere variation of Eve.

What are some of the variations of Ava?

There are many ancient variations of the name Ava, which include Avelina, Augustina, and Avreya.

National Ava Day Activities

  1. Read about the history

    The name Ava has a long and fascinating history being one of the first names known to humanity. Reading about history can be interesting, from the Germanic origins to the present use and reintegration in various civilizations.

  2. Read Ava’s poetry

    One of the oldest female poets to write in Germanic languages is recognized by the name Ava. Her writing is today regarded as both historical and epic. Reading it can be educational and a window into life among the ancient Germanic tribes.

  3. Honor the namesake

    Of course, the most important thing to celebrate during National Ava Day is the life of people named Ava. If you have a friend or know someone named Ava, make sure to make this special exclusively about them.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Ava

  1. An unknown meaning

    The meaning of Ava in Germanic tradition is unknown but now, it is believed to translate to ‘lively.’

  2. Persian meaning

    Ava also exists in Persian naming traditions and means ‘voice’ or ‘sound.’

  3. Disappearance

    During the Medieval period, there were very few recorded cases of people named Ava.

  4. Popularity

    Ava is one of the rarest names in the U.S., with only 13,000 carriers.

  5. Most popular year

    Ava is becoming increasingly popular — it was the most popular baby girl name in 2020.

Why We Love National Ava Day

  1. It’s a beautiful name

    One of the most artistically attractive female names in history is Ava. It sounds lovely, is easy to say, and in Persian, it denotes ‘the voice.’ The name Eve has a distinct connotation as well.

  2. It’s a historical name

    The name Ava has a long history in many Germanic communities today. It is not just a famous Germanic name but it also has deep significance because it was one of the first names given in human history.

  3. It’s a unique name

    What makes the name Ava unique is the fact it is a simple short of a series of names, most of which are no longer in use. Yet, Ava is also a historical name with ancient origins.

National Ava Day dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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