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SunJan 19

National Annie Day – January 19, 2025

National Annie Day is celebrated on January 19 every year. It’s that time of the year to celebrate all women, including celebrities, public figures, historical icons, fictional characters, and every woman in your life who go by the name. We’re going to dive deep into the origin of the name when it soared in popularity and the many deviations it had throughout the years. It’s also the perfect opportunity to reach out to your ‘Annie’ friends, family, and relatives and send them a greeting. Find out more on how you can celebrate National Annie Day today!

History of National Annie Day

While it seems like a British-American name, ‘Annie’ originated from the Hebrew language. It’s a diminutive form of the English name ‘Anna,’ which in Hebrew means ‘gracious one.’ The popularity of the name ‘Annie’ didn’t hit the cultural zeitgeist until the 19th century. Famous public figures named ‘Annie’ that were born during this era included physician Annie Alexander, American journalist Annie Barnes, poet Annie Hawks, astronomer Annie Cannon, women’s rights activist Annie Besant, and Norwegian missionary Annie Bernstein also called ‘Sister Annie.’

From the 1880s to 1907, ‘Annie’ was considered in the top 20 names for babies. By the 1910s, the name grew increasingly popular, hitting the top 10 baby names in the United States. The name peaked in 1922 when approximately 7,461 babies were named ‘Annie.’

In the next few decades, several Hollywood actresses named ‘Annie’ emerged into the picture. These include Annie Potts, Annie Parisse, and Annie Wersching. But its prominence slowly dropped down, hitting rock bottom in 1972 with only 320 babies named ‘Annie.’

However, it slowly peaked in popularity when the musical “Annie” was released in 1977 based on the 1924 comic strip “Little Orphan Annie.” The Broadway original starred Andrea McArdle as Annie, and the show proved to be a hit. But it wasn’t until 1982 when the musical was adapted into a feature film that the name once again gained popularity. Approximately 992 babies were named ‘Annie’ that year, the highest in almost 20 years.

National Annie Day timeline

“Little Orphant Annie”

James Whitcomb Riley publishes his poem “Little Orphant Annie.”

“Little Orphan Annie,” A Comic Strip

Harold Gray creates the “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip series based on the poem by Riley.

“Annie” The Broadway Musical

Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin, and Thomas Meehan create the Broadway musical “Annie.”

“Annie,” the Film Adaptation

John Huston directs the film version of “Annie” starring Aileen Quinn.

National Annie Day FAQs

Is “Annie” a true story?

The poem “Little Orphant Annie” was loosely based on real-life orphan Mary Alice Smith in the 1880s.

Which other names usually go with the nickname ‘Annie?’

Annie is usually short for Annabel, Anastasia, Andrea, Anita, and Angela.

Is the film “Annie” suitable for a four-year-old child?

Yes, “Annie” is a wholesome, family-friendly film suitable for all ages.

National Annie Day Activities

  1. Watch “Annie” the Musical

    Watching musicals is a fantastic way to spend National Annie Day. It’s full of incredible songs, and the plot itself is incredibly inspiring and heartwarming.

  2. Send your Annie friends a card

    Let your Annie friends know that you remember them! Remind them that it’s their national holiday today by sending them a greeting card.

  3. Read the original “Little Orphan Annie” comics

    If you’re into visual reading, “Little Orphan Annie” is for you. This amazing comic book series is ahead of time, filled with interesting characters and outstanding hand drawings.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Annie

  1. Anne Hathaway’s name

    Anne Hathaway prefers to be called “Annie” rather than “Anne.”

  2. “Annie” at the Tonys

    “Annie” the Musical won seven Tony Awards in 1977, including Best Musical.

  3. Annie Hall

    Annie Hall is considered one of the most fashionable characters in cinema history.

  4. Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes

    Bates, who played Annie Wilkes in “Misery,” won the Oscar for Best Actress in a horror film.

  5. “Annie” 2014

    The 2014 remake directed by Will Gluck is critically considered one of the worst remakes.

Why We Love National Annie Day

  1. It’s a lovely name

    The name Annie is full of grace and optimism. This holiday celebrates the energy that ‘Annie’ emanates.

  2. It’s a fun way to watch “Annie”

    Who doesn’t know the song ‘Tomorrow?’ National Annie Day is a great excuse to rewatch “Annie,” everyone’s favorite childhood movie.

  3. An underrated name

    It’s time to bring ‘Annie’ back into fashion. It’s an underrated name that doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves.

National Annie Day dates

2025January 19Sunday
2026January 19Monday
2027January 19Tuesday
2028January 19Wednesday
2029January 19Friday

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