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TueDec 31

National Andrea Day – December 31, 2024

National Andrea Day is celebrated on December 31 every year. The name Andrea is a unisex name of Greek origin. It comes from the word ‘andrós,’ which refers to ‘man’ (as opposed to ‘woman’). The feminine name Andrea means “brave and strong” and is the feminine form of Andrew. It is used both as a female and masculine name, varying from country to country. There have been many famous and influential Andreas throughout history. Perhaps one of the most well-known is Andrea Anders, an American actress.

History of National Andrea Day

Andrea is a traditionally unisex name of Greek origin. The original Greek name, Andreas, functioned as a hypocorism, or nickname, of many male Greek names with the prefix ‘andro,’ these included Androgeos (‘man of the earth’) and Androkinos (‘man of victory’).

In 2006, Andrea was the third-most-popular name in Italy and was one of the few Italian boys’ names that end with ‘a.’ The others include Elia, Enea, Luca, Mattia, Nicola, and Tobia. It has also been used as the feminine counterpart to Andrew in recent years. Outside of Italy, however, Andrea is almost exclusively treated as a feminine name. There have been many famous and influential Andreas throughout history. Perhaps one of the most well-known is Andrea Anders, an American actress best known for playing a part in the 2004 “The Stepford Wives.” A famous fictional Andrea is Andrea Harrison from “The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” is an American horror television show based on a comic book of the same name. The show follows an ensemble cast of survivors of a zombie apocalypse fighting to stay alive amidst the threat of zombie (called “walkers”) attacks. The show, like many other zombie-apocalypse-centered media, also focuses on the consequences of modern society breaking down and the subsequent formation of smaller communities of people. Andrea Harrison, portrayed by Laurie Holden, is a member of a group of survivors near Atlanta. Before the apocalypse, she was a law firm clerk. Through the course of the show, Harrison develops into a mature individual and hardened killer, having the highest kill count among the characters.

National Andrea Day timeline

The Birth of a Maestro

Italian operatic tenor, Andrea Bocelli, is born.

The Actress is Born

Laurie Holden, who plays the role of ‘Andrea’ in the U.S. T.V. series “The Walking Dead,” is born.

The Sitcom Actress

This is the birth year of Andrea Anders who acts as ‘Alex’ in the N.B.C. sitcom “Joey.”

The Debut Into Film

Andrea Anders is cast to act as ‘Heather’ in the movie “The Stepford Wives.”

National Andrea Day FAQs

Is Andrea a Latina name?

It can be, but it has Greek origins.

Is Andrea an Irish name?

It isn’t an Irish name.

Is Andrea a good name?

Yes, definitely! Many wonderful people are named Andrea.

National Andrea Day Activities

  1. Visit an Andrea

    If you have a wonderful Andrea in your life, go appreciate them. Most everyone needs to be appreciated

  2. Watch “The Walking Dead”

    If you missed it while it was airing, try watching “The Walking Dead.” One of the characters on the award-winning show is a pretty famous Andrea!

  3. Watch “The Stepford Wives”

    Give “The Stepford Wives” a watch! Andrea Anders did a fabulous job playing the role of Heather in the film.

5 Interesting Facts About Andrea Bocelli

  1. He lost his eyesight

    Bocelli lost his eyesight after a tragic football incident when he was just 12 years old.

  2. He married his manager

    Bocelli married his manager, Veronica Berti, in 2014.

  3. He collaborated with Ed Sheeran

    Bocelli collaborated with popstar Ed Sheeran on ‘Perfect Symphony.’

  4. He was discovered by Luciano Pavarotti

    Pavarotti invited Bocelli to tour with him after listening to a demo tape recorded by the singer.

  5. He can play the piano and flute

    Not only is Bocelli a wonderful singer, but he also plays the piano and flute!

Why We Love National Andrea Day

  1. It’s fun to know

    Names have a fascinating history. Learning about particularly popular names like Andrea is fun to know.

  2. Names can chronicle language development

    Names like Andrea contain information about the usage of words in their history. It’s very cool to think about.

  3. We love celebrating people

    We love appreciating people around the globe. The Andreas of the world are no exception!

National Andrea Day dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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