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ThuFeb 27

National Albert Day – February 27, 2025

National Albert Day is celebrated on February 27 every year. It commemorates all the people named Albert, dead or living. The name Albert is primarily of Germanic origin. From Prince Albert to Albert Einstein, this name has become synonymous with intellect, prestige, regality, and dignity. It was used by the ancient Germans and slowly became an immensely popular masculine name all around the world. During the early 20th century, it steadily declined in popularity but is still admired because of the traits associated with it.

History of National Albert Day

Albert is a common masculine name used around the globe. This name refers to nobility and intelligence. It is Germanic in origin and is a simplification of the old Germanic names, Adalbert and Albrecht. The former originated from the words ‘adal’ meaning ‘noble’ and ‘beraht’ meaning ‘bright’.

Historically, this name has been linked with royalty, and many sovereigns across history adorning it. Albert I, the Prince of Monaco; Albert Fredrick, the Duke of Prussia; and Albert VII, the Archduke of Austria, linked this name to royalty and class. However, the most renowned example is Prince Albert, the German prince who married the British Queen Victoria in 1840. It is believed that Prince Albert’s marriage and eventual relevance in England, greatly contributed to this name’s popularity and its image as a regal name. Before the royal wedding and the arrival of Prince Albert as Prince Consort, the name was hardly found in England, even though the Normans had already introduced it. Apart from the royals, other significant Alberts include the inimitable Albert Einstein and theologian Albert Schweitzer, who contributed greatly in their respective fields. Several Christian saints carried this name, most prominently Saint Albert of Prague, an aristocratic bohemian who died as a martyr. Their impact on the world, combined with their intelligent and dignified personas, amplified the prestige of the name.

The image this name projects is that of a prestigious, intelligent, and noble man. This has made it popular with cultures across the world. Many countries have their distinctive variations, such as Aubert (French), Albir (Arabic), Alberto (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), Alpart (Tamil), and Alvertos (Greek). Parents who wish to name their children something that symbolizes poise, dignity, and intellect should look no further than this name.

National Albert Day timeline

The Royal Wedding

Germany’s Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha weds Queen Victoria at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, in London.

A Radical Physics Paper

Albert Einstein publishes his complete explanations on the Theory of Relativity, changing the existing knowledge of physics.

A Monumental Literary Work

French philosopher Albert Camus publishes his magnum opus, “Le Mythe de Sisyphe,” or “The Myth of Sisyphus.”

Schweitzer’s Zenith

Theologian and philosopher, Albert Schweitzer, wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

The War for the Presidency

After a controversial election, the Former U.S. Vice-President Albert ‘Al’ Gore loses his bid for the American Presidency to Texas Governor, George W. Bush.

National Albert Day FAQs

What is the moniker for this name?

Common nicknames include Al, Bert, Albo, Albie, and Bertie. It is important to note that while Albert is a predominantly masculine name, women also have it as their surnames or middle names. The name Alberta is the feminine version of this name.

Is Albert an old name?

Albert is generally seen as a classic name, similar to George or Walter. Its popularity may have declined over the years, but it remains a fashionable choice for those wanting to impart a noble or classic appeal to the name of their children.

How many Alberts are there in the U.S. today?

Between 1880 and 2018, the name was recorded 4,90,807 times in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s data. The name reached its peak in 1918. This happened in the state of Pennsylvania, where 1,256 baby boys were given the name in the same year.

National Albert Day Activities

  1. Hang out with an Albert

    Spend some time with Albert in your life. Socialize, drink, enjoy a meal, and have a hearty talk. Just give them a call because it is the day to appreciate your special Albert.

  2. Read an Albert

    From Camus to Albert Wendt, many Alberts have written books that have captivated the world. Today, take in some words written by famous Alberts. Notable ones include “The Stranger” (Camus), “Thyme of Death” (Susan Wittig Albert), or if you need enlightenment, “The Theory of Relativity” (Einstein).

  3. Laugh along with Albert

    Whether it’s Albert Brooks or Fat Albert, many Alberts have graced our screens and left us in stitches! It’s never a dull day when “The Fat Albert Show” or “Broadcast News” comes on screen.

5 Interesting Facts About Albert And Alberts

  1. The name’s popularity has declined

    As of 2020, Albert is the 523rd most popular name for boys in the United States, 57th in England, 44th in Denmark, and 277th in Germany.

  2. They are the perfect partners

    Queen Victoria was so distraught by the death of her husband in 1861 that she never remarried.

  3. Alberts are not losers

    Following his loss to Bush, Al Gore built a career advocating environmentalism that won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

  4. A prestigious offer

    Einstein was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952, which he turned down politely.

  5. The stem of a pocket watch

    The stem of a pocket watch that winds the clock is also called an Albert.

Why We Love National Albert Day

  1. It celebrates the Alberts in history

    Many of the Alberts throughout history have helped shape the world and have contributed to various mediums and fields. This is a day to commemorate every one of them.

  2. It appreciates a special Albert in your life

    If an Albert has been particularly significant in your life, just let him know how much you love him. He could be a friend that gave you a shoulder to cry on, a doctor that helped you during a painful ailment, or maybe a friendly taxi driver who got you home safely. Alberts everywhere should be celebrated on this day.

  3. This name has a personality

    The persona of this name exudes class, elegance, and intellect. Today, we honor those who have looked to an Albert for inspiration on how to better their lives.

National Albert Day dates

2025February 27Thursday
2026February 27Friday
2027February 27Saturday
2028February 27Sunday
2029February 27Tuesday

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