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International Community Association Managers Day
ThuJun 13

International Community Association Managers Day – June 13, 2024

Community Associations Institute (CAI) is proud to celebrate International Community Association Managers Day on June 13. This day is dedicated to the more than 55,000 community association managers in the U.S. and thousands more worldwide. Community association managers are the professional backbone of the condominium communities and homeowners associations that they serve, providing the skills and expertise that are essential to successful operations and governance.

History of International Community Association Managers Day

Community association management is a young industry that has experienced tremendous growth in almost 50 years. In the 1970s, there were roughly 10,000 community associations in the U.S. and only a few community association managers. Those who discovered the profession had little training or resources in the field — most came from related industries like apartment management, hospitality and tourism, and commercial development management.

As the number of community associations across the world grew, the pioneers of the profession realized the need for specialized education and skills. Today, in the U.S., there are more than 355,000 community associations that are home to more than 74 million Americans. Many of these communities rely on the over 55,000 community association managers who work tirelessly to meet the needs and expectations of the residents and ensure the volunteer homeowners who govern the communities succeed. Community managers with CAI designations hold themselves to the highest ethical standards in their work with community associations.

More community associations are developed every year; they’ve become a popular housing choice for people around the world — especially condominium buyers seeking proximity to city centers, public transportation, and schools. Condominiums and other planned communities provide owners with the benefit of shared amenities such as pools, walking trails, and other recreational facilities that may otherwise be unattainable. Community association management has plentiful career opportunities, tremendous earning potential, and a broad job market — from the biggest cities to the most picturesque island getaways.

International Community Association Managers Day timeline

A Study of Planned Settlements

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) publishes the first systematic study of planned communities “Technical Bulletin No. 50: The Homes Association Handbook.”

Setting the Framework

ULI and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) model a planned-unit development statute.

Establishing Expertise

Community Associations Institute is formed as a national organization to provide education and act as a clearinghouse of ideas and practices for the community association housing market.

Learning the Industry

CAI launches its professional management development program to educate community association managers.

Certifying Managers

A CAI partner organization, now known as the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB), establishes the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) credential — the first step many managers take to demonstrate their expertise in the field.

Online Education

CAI offers its first online course: The Essentials of Community Association Management.

International Growth

CAI establishes its first international chapter in South Africa, demonstrating that it has become the international center for community association information, best practices, education, and advocacy.

The First Celebration

CAI celebrates the first-ever International Community Association Managers Day.

International Community Association Managers Day FAQs

Is community association management right for you?

If you have a good understanding of finances, maintenance, and project management, then yes, you may be a good fit for the career.

What is a community association manager license?

Some states require community association managers to be licensed since they control funds, prepare budgets and financial documents, and deal with the repair and maintenance of their community. Professional education and credentials offered by CAI and CAMICB offer managers opportunities to excel in their careers.

What is community association management?

Community association management is a combination of financial management, project management, and customer service.

How To Celebrate International Community Association Managers Day

  1. Consider community association management

    Are you living in a community that is self-managed yet struggling to deal with daily operations, repair, and maintenance? Do your research, and consider hiring a professional community association manager.

  2. Thank your community association manager

    Show your appreciation. Thank your community association manager who does a stellar job of managing the community, keeping up with the finances, dealing with residents’ problems, and is the bridge between the homeowners and business partners.

  3. Outline a career in community association management

    It’s a tough but exciting and rewarding job. If you have what it takes to be a responsible community association manager, consider starting a career in the field.

  4. Honor your community association manager with a charitable contribution

    Honor your community association manager with a charitable contribution, in their name, to the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR) supporting critical research for the community association housing model.

5 Responsibilities Of A Community Association Manager That You Should Know

  1. Administration

    General management and governance of the community including communication with homeowners and board members, handling and documenting information and records and organizing meetings of the association.

  2. Upholding high ethical standards

    Assisting the association in development and enforcement of rules stated in the community’s governing documents, addressing community violations, and answering questions regarding regulations about the association while helping the board follow fair procedures.

  3. Financial oversight

    Assisting the board with the financial management, budgeting, and cash flow of the association.

  4. Maintenance of amenities

    Working with vendors to ensure that the property and facilities are maintained and functioning properly.

  5. Insurance and loans

    Helping the board by obtaining and maintaining insurance and loans for the association.

Why We Love International Community Association Managers Day

  1. Appreciate community association managers

    It’s a tough but rewarding job. Community association managers work resolutely toward the betterment of their communities and help homeowners have the best possible experience where they live.

  2. Distinguish between community association managers and other titles

    Community association managers are often confused with related career paths such as property managers, who focus solely on rental communities. It is important to create awareness about the distinct job description and responsibilities of a community association manager.

  3. Paving a career path for others

    International Community Association Managers Day is an opportunity for everyone to learn about this industry and potentially pursue a career in the field. Individuals can learn about the training, certifications, and other requirements that are needed to become a community association manager.

International Community Association Managers Day dates

2024June 13Thursday
2025June 13Friday
2026June 13Saturday
2027June 13Sunday
2028June 13Tuesday

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