Home Holidays

Home sweet home! You know there is no better place on earth. So, at National Today we celebrate your love for your home with our sweet little list of 4 home holidays. Celebrate — home is where the heart is. 

Where did home holidays come from?

That is hard to answer. But we have an idea why they were created. Celebrating home holidays just makes our life more fun! Or, maybe it is a nice way to make us do things around the house that will help keep it livable. Like National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15. Didn’t know that holiday existed? Well, how about National Laundry Day on April 15? If you’ve been putting off doing laundry for some time, it’s time to celebrate this holiday. National Homemaker Day on November 3 celebrates all homemakers. These soldiers keep the home running like clockwork and it’s only fair that we have a day in the year that’s all about them. Nature lovers are going to love National Houseplant Appreciation Day on January 10. This lovely holiday appreciates the importance of greenery in our home.

These are just a few sweet home holidays that we have on National Today. Find more and celebrate. We’re sure they’ll make you want to be home alone more often.

Submit your favorite home holidays

Do you have a home holiday that we haven’t heard of? We’re listening. Know some cool fun facts? Now that’s worth writing home about! So share on our holiday submissions page and help us grow our list.