40 Gifts For Plant Lovers

Trying to find the best present for the green fingers in your life? Of course, we've got you covered!

Plant-happy people are always excited when anything “plants” is mentioned. They’re either reading about this new plant they saw at the plant shop, tending to a collection of indoor plants, a garden of perfectly-trimmed flowers, or a salad garden growing in their backyard. 

Surprising plant parents may be a chore as the best gift for a green finger isn’t always a new plant. If you don’t know much about plants, it can be hard to find a suitable piece to complement their urban forest. And if you’ve not visited them in a while, their windows and patio are probably filled with these babies already. Are you clueless and about to give up and just get them chocolates? Don’t. This gift guide was made for you! 

Even your botany-obsessed BFF who has everything, the shears, pots, gloves, etc will get a meaningful present from this carefully curated list.

Our Top 3 Picks


Personalized plant pot
It’s beautiful, special and useful.

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Also Great

Plant journal
It’s unique and you don’t have to break the bank.

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Good on a Budget

Blooming Lollipops
It would melt anyone’s heart and it’s cost-effective.

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Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers

Air Plant Office Desk Decor

Give your plant-loving pal this air plant holder and have them smile every time they look at it. These posing figures are simply stunning and whimsical and will have your pal’s space looking arty while holding their favorite mini-plants. 


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Olive Tree Sapling

If you’re someone that likes to give gifts with deep meanings, this is the best pick for you. Olive signifies peace, friendship and prosperity. So, ‘extend an olive branch’ with a note describing what this memorable gift symbolizes. 


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Plant journal

Perfect gift for plant lovers who like to take notes! This journal is catchy and has a lot of details to fill in. Help your plant parents keep track of their plants’ growth and also write down how they feel about their babies.


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Wind Chimes

Give rise to a peaceful symphony in their garden with these wind chimes. If your plant-loving pal is also a music lover, this is the best pick! To them, nothing is better than gazing at their babies and hearing beautiful and peaceful melodious notes. 


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Cute Gifts for Plant Lovers

Blooming Lollipops

These cute lollipops are for your sweet-toothed plant parent. They aren’t your average candy; the sticks are filled with seeds. Once your green finger is done satisfying their sweet tooth, they can plant them and voila! welcome new babies. 


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Rifle Paper Co. AirPods Case

For the plant mom who is also obsessed with tech accessories, a cute plant AirPods case is certainly something she won’t be able to resist! 


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Mint Green Succulent Earrings

These small stud earrings are so cute and realistic that you almost can’t tell that they are not succulents. Imagine how cute your favorite plant mom will look with these little cuties hanging from her earlobes. 


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30 Cactus Ballpoint Pens

Usually, when you buy a cute pen, your expectations aren’t so high because just like the others you’ve bought, you believe that the pen part would be whack. These pens are not only adorable, they also write easily and the ink flow is impeccable. These pens will surely put a smile on your plant-loving pal’s face!


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Gifts for Plant Lovers under $20

Hands Planter

Trying not to break the bank while shopping for one of the best gifts for your plant lover? This home decor hands planter is a great option. Their little plants don’t have to be left in those boring plastic pots; liven up their room, kitchen counter, or office desk with this piece!


Get it from West elm

Succulent Garden 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500-piece double-sided puzzle provides hours of entertainment for your plant-loving friend. They can attempt to fix this puzzle when they’re not gardening or staring at their babies. 


Get it from Walmart

Bird-Shaped Watering Globes

These glass birds are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re also very functional- making sure your botanical babies are properly watered.


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Plant Lady Apron

If your bud has a mini jungle in their backyard, gardening can be a dirty job for them. Help them keep their clothes clean while doing what they do best with this charming apron. 


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Luxury Gifts for Plant Lovers

Earth Pendant With Natural Moonstone

Earth pendant is a luxury pendant for plant lovers with an expensive taste. It has a tree symbol crafted with natural star sapphire and diamonds.


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Vicky Yao Faux Bonsai

This is such a gorgeous piece. The stoneware and the style of the arrangement of the plants make it a great statement piece.


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Natural Handmade Marble Fossil Vase

This extraordinary decorative flower vase is made of fossil marble and natural stone. Each natural stone vase is beautifully hand-carved from a single piece of stone. It is a perfect decorative piece that can be an impressive and unique gift for your plant-loving friend.


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Aerogarden Sprout

This piece is for your tech-loving plant parent. Not everyone is blessed with the suitable environment to grow edible plants indoors. This device comes with everything they need to have nourished, blooming plants. 


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Personalized Gifts for Plant Lovers

Personalized Photo Flower Pot

Have them put their favourite baby in a pot that has their face on it and they’ll feel the need to always look after leafy loves. 


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Personalized Plant Pot

Absolutely unique and personal! You can send your loved one a beautiful plastic planter that carries their name or the name of their plant. 


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Personalized Garden Hanging Slate Sign

Your plant-obsessed friend will love a slate sign with their name on it to be among their precious green area.


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Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Unite with Mother Nature to make your friend’s year by giving them a birthday gift that symbolically represents their birth month and grows and changes every day.  Seeds, a glass planter, instructions, and info about what your flower symbolizes are all included. They can even use the plants as a vase once the garden has finished blooming. 


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Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

This is a great pick for a plant mom or dad who also loves their cocktail. Watching them tend to their babies with a cocktail in hand is such a great sight. 


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Trigg Small Geo Wall Display Set

Chances are high that your plant lover already has their space filled with their green besties, the windows, kitchen counter, office table, name it. Help them save space by giving them these hanging planters that double as minimal pieces of decor. 

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LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

This LED light bulb gives the plants the light they require to flourish while also looking like a regular light bulb and beautifying their space. 


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Vattenkrasse Watering Can

This small, contemporary watering can is both arty and functional. It’ll beautify their tabletops while keeping their plants moist and nourished. 

Get it from Ikea


Gifts for Outdoor Plant Lovers

Garden Tools Set

This 83-piece, easy-to-grip garden tools set has everything they need to dig, weed, prune, spray and seed to their satisfaction. 


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Butterfly Garden Seed DIY Kit

Butterflies are great for gardens as they help fruits, vegetables and flowers produce new seeds. This DIY kit will help their gorgeous mini jungle bloom and attract beautiful butterflies. 


Get it from Williams Sonoma

Plant Daddy Hat

This is for your favorite plant daddy that loves to look good while doing what he knows best. This hat serves a very practical purpose for outdoor plant parents- to keep the sun out of their faces while they work. 


Get it from Etsy

Countryside Berry Basket

This gorgeous berry bowl helps your plant parent gather their vegetables in style. 


Get it from Anthropologie


Gifts for Exotic Plant Lovers

Eclectic plant pots.

These beautiful, one-of-a-kind pots are perfect for growing exotic plants. Perfect for succulents, Tulips, orchids, and small plants!

Whether your friend is an urban gardener, a plant fanatic, or a veteran green finger, these plant pots are bound to become their favorite pieces.


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Exotic Plant Hanger

To help them create a homely atmosphere or an exotic oasis in their bedroom, get them this cozy accessory that is perfect for their exotic plants.


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Orchid Plant – Mini

A beautiful vase perfectly suited for fresh-cut blooms of the orchid plant will make their day and have them obsessed for a long time. 


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Exotic Plant Manual

This book describes ornamental exotic plants, providing all essential information for identification, cultivation, and care. 


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Gifts for Potted Plant Lovers

Self-Watering Wet Pot

Does your plant-loving bud have a soft spot for potted plants? Do they tend to over or under-water their plants? Do they travel a lot, thereby leaving their plants for days? If yes, this pot is for them. The ingenious wet pot has a self-watering feature that’ll keep their plant healthy. 


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Small Geometric Indoor Planters Set

One thing that will always thrill potted plant lovers is a set of beautiful pots. These pots come with four drain holes each, so, trust them to excite the receiver. 


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Potted Plant Lover T-shirt dress

This pretty graphic shirt dress tells the world that your green finger friend loves their potted plants and they’re about to make it everyone’s business.


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Plant pot people

These cuties are one of the best creations you’ll find in the plant market. They’ll make plant-loving friends smile when they’re sad, cheer up and give characters to the plants while making the plant pots unique and beautiful.


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Gifts for Flowering Plant Lovers

Floral Bouquet Diffuser

This vase is beautifully filled with real flowers that will aromatize their space with a fresh, summery scent.


Get it from Anthropologie 

The Beehive Vase

This handmade porcelain flower vase will be a beautiful, safe and cozy home for their flowers. 


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Beautiful Flowers Printable Coloring Book

Are you looking for the most gorgeous flowers for your loved one to admire and paint? Do you want to help them release stress and get rid of anxiety? This coloring book is a good pick. Unlock their creative side and fill their mind with happiness and relief.


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Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Dried Flowers from Growing to Styling

The book is an ideal purchase for your friend who loves flowering plants and wants to discover the art of growing, drying and styling them. 


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