40 Paper Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations! It’s now been a whole year since you and your partner said your wedding vows. This calls for a celebration! We hope you’ve got a bottle of wine ready to celebrate and toast the beautiful beginning of a lifelong adventure together. Whether you’re planning on going on a vacation, enjoying a special dinner, or organizing a little get-together, you should also be trying to figure out the best gift for your husband or wife (or your favorite couple.)

Going by tradition, your first-anniversary gifts should be made of paper. “Paper” for first anniversary gifts is believed to symbolize the fragility and youth of a new marriage. As limiting as a “paper anniversary gift” sounds, it opens up plenty of room for creativity. Think of a print of the lyrics to the song played at your first dance or a custom book expressing how much you love them or even a useful item made with paper! You don’t have to overthink it. The trick to giving the perfect gift is to make it unique, personal, or practical.

If you and your partner are the traditional types — or if you’re a friend looking to congratulate your favorite couple while they celebrate their love story — your tiring search for the perfect paper anniversary gift ends here. We’ve rounded up 40 paper anniversary gift ideas that’ll make your better half feel all mushy and extra special. Let the honeymoon phase last a little longer!