40 One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him


An anniversary marks the date when something important happened. In relationships it could mark the start of a couple dating, getting married, or cohabiting and we celebrate anniversaries because it helps us show our partners how much they mean to us. A one-year anniversary is pretty special and we want to ensure you get the right gifts to celebrate him.

Choosing the best one-year anniversary gifts for him

Men do actually care about their anniversaries according to Justin Aldridge of myweddinganniversary.com. He says: “When you are deciding on what to give a man for an anniversary gift, think about what he means to you. Consider his personality but don’t let the ‘typical male’ sides of it outweigh the qualities that he lets show just for you.” As such, personalized items are greatly recommended for the one-year anniversary.

If the celebration is to mark the first wedding anniversary, the traditional gifts are paper. You could choose a gift that follows this theme such as a personalized custom square canvas poster that contains a sentimental message and is wall mounted. You could also choose the modern route and get him a first-anniversary personalized wall clock.

For any other commemoration, keep to the personalized theme and give him functional items he needs. Choose gifts like the custom photo date printed LED light which is a home décor piece that’s also used as a decorative light or a personalized wooden key holder that can be wall-mounted on a garage wall, office, or hallway.

How we identified the best one-year anniversary gifts for him

Research done by the Activity Superstore and dubbed “The Psychology of Gift Giving” found that we give gifts to build and reinforce relationships. The research says: “Gifts are used to symbolize love and devotion between two partners, coinciding with the theory of ‘symbolic interactionism’, which argues that people communicate through the use of symbols.”

So in identifying the best one-year anniversary gifts for him, we selected items that’ll help you to symbolically communicate your love and devotion. We picked a personalized bracelet which is a braided leather adornment that has a metal wraparound that says “You’re My Everything”. We also picked “The Little Book of Us” which is a mini scrapbook where you can document all the reasons why you love him.

We know that men also appreciate receiving gifts that they can use regularly so we selected a beard kit growth grooming kit; he also needs a gift whose purpose is clear and that aligns with his preferences so we identified the semi-automatic espresso machine. To make him feel pampered and cared for, we selected an organic massage therapy oil, a masculine-scented Oud body cologne, and a set of masculine-scented room sprays that can be used as linen spray, car air freshener, or room spray.

 Tips for buying the best one-year anniversary gifts for him

  1. Keep them simple
    Most men do not like gifts that are over the top, super shiny, and glittery or those that are overly sentimental. Keep it simple, understated but classy and you’ll find that this is a gift he will value and use.
  2. Go for high-quality gifts
    If you are going to spend your money to buy gifts for him, be sure that they are items with a long lifespan. Durability is a key marker of a good gift so take your time shopping and only buy from credible stores.
  3. Shop for him
    Resist the temptation to get him gifts you think he will like rather stick to what you know he will like. Think about the items he’s been talking about lately or that thing he’s been saving to buy — these are the items you should consider buying for him.