40 Halloween Gifts

From gore-geous costumes to decorations, parties to gifts, Halloween resurrects the most creative expressions and celebrations among young and old alike.  Between spirits and spells, spiders and webs, it can be challenging to think of what to get for a friend or for your kids. Have no fear; we’ve gone gift-haunting on your behalf to find “witch” gift is most likely to leave them spellbound.

Choosing the best Halloween gifts

The tradition of Halloween decorations originated in Ireland, based on a folktale about a man named Stingy Jack. The tale goes that Jack tricked the devil and as penance received a lump of coal which he then placed inside a carved-out turnip. Today the meaning of Halloween is much more light-hearted than it was centuries ago when it was believed that the dead roamed the earth. Now, when choosing a Halloween gift, the rule of thumb is the spookier the better. Your gift should adhere to the recipient’s favorite spooky aspects, with a bit of quirk. If they’re fond of the macabre, consider skull-themed candles or items devoted to their favorite scary movies or themes. 

How we identified the best Halloween gifts

When we evaluated the best Halloween gifts we focused on decor, accessories, and odes to our favorite scary movies. Halloween is all about indulging in the macabre in fun ways. Not only did we find the spookiest items to light up your life, but we found fun games to entertain and dazzle. Our Witch Ring Toss gift set will have the children squealing in delight. Our gifts cater to the main spooky themes of Halloween from skeletons, black cats, witches, vampires, and ghouls. We even have an alien-themed figurine for those fond of extraterrestrials. Above all, we kept it fun. Halloween, despite its terrifying origins, is generally a night filled with glee. For those obsessed with true crime content, our trivia sets will leave them enthralled. Halloween is also all about decor. For the friend that loves to decorate the outside of their house, to those who like to keep it spooky all year round, we’ve got something for everyone. Our top choices would have to be our skull bookends and bat metal wall art. For the folk tired of the generic spiderwebs and witches, we have a collection of unique and creative items to decorate their living spaces as well as adorn themselves with. We also had to take a stab at celebrating our favorite spooky movies such as “A Nightmare Before Christmas” in true Halloween tradition. 

Tips for buying the best Halloween gifts

  1. Keep it fun
    Halloween is nothing if not fun. Your gifts should be too. There’s no need for it to be gruesome. This Halloween, choose gifts that bring the light-heartedness that is now associated with Halloween, whether it’s through fun board games or a spooky lamp.
  2. Go beyond candy
    Candy is a staple around Halloween, so if you’re looking for a gift, try branching out a bit. Consider the recipient’s favorite spooky themes and choose an item accordingly. If they’re fond of decor, find a spooky wall decal. If they like jewelry, try a blood droplet necklace.
  3. Make it unique
    Think of ordinary items that are always needed and try to make a unique twist. This could be in the form of a skull ice tray mold or a box set of spooky bath bombs. Whatever you choose, keep it spooky and keep it useful.