40 College Graduation Gifts


Going through college and successfully coming to the point of graduation is one of life’s milestones. This achievement calls for celebration and of course some mementos to mark this accomplishment. College graduation gifts also need to prepare the graduate to navigate post-grad life.

Choosing the best college graduation gifts

There are three reasons why we give college graduation gifts. First, it’s to celebrate their accomplishment, and we want to give them gifts that tell them ‘we are so proud of you’. A family heirloom that’s been passed along the family each time a person graduates is a great gift for this. Some popular heirloom gifts include jewelry, a pocket watch, hand compass among others.

The second reason is to give them items that will be a point of reference for them to remember their college years and their graduation day. There are traditional items given to achieve this such as a handmade frame where they can put their diploma or a canvas where they can mount college memorabilia such as their letter jackets.

Third, we give gifts so we can help college graduates transition into their future. We want to welcome them into the world of adulting and possibly to their official move into their own residences. Give them housewarming gifts such as a set of durable beddings or a set of non-stick cooking ware. Also, choose work-related gifts like a handy laptop bag or a pair of insulated work gloves.

How we identified the best college graduation gifts

We identified the best college graduation gifts based on the recipient’s interests and plans for the future. Our selection contains practical items they will need such as the magic bullet blender which will encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits no matter the path they choose in life; we also picked specialized items such as a handy tool kit that gives them the tools they need to take on DIY projects in their new homes or to settle into their new jobs; we did not forget to pick symbolic gifts such as the engraved compass that’ll always point them ‘North’ whenever they feel lost.

A report by media house AZ Big Media affirms the importance of college graduation gifts. Writer Aaron Carter says the “emotional element of giving College Graduation Gifts is often overlooked, but it can be just as powerful as the physical presence itself. Giving a special and meaningful gift can show someone how much you care about them and demonstrate your appreciation for them.” With this in mind, we selected meaningful gifts that symbolize a lifelong commitment to their success such as personalized jewelry pieces and statement gift pieces that’ll continue to speak of their achievement such as the custom-made graduation plaque.

Tips for buying the best college graduation gifts

  1. Give them tech gifts
    The college graduate is coming into a digital world and he will need to rely on technology in his day-to-day. You could upgrade their college laptop to the latest, fastest model or gift them accessories they’ll need for work or just to keep in touch with family.
  2. Offer them mentorship
    The young adults coming out of college need all the help they can get as they navigate the new world of ‘adulting’. Give them gifts that’ll keep them motivated and inspired such as a book that’ll challenge them to set realistic goals and guide them towards achieving them the same. 
  3. It does not have to be expensive
    Whatever your budgetary allocations, you can be sure to get an ideal gift for the new college graduate. Look through our gift offering for differently priced items some as little as $15.