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MonSep 16

Feast Portland – September 16, 2024

Feast Portland, takes place during September each year and will next be celebrated from to 18 this year. Historically, it is a four-day festival held in Portland, Oregon. Feast Portland, or simply the “Feast” is the premier celebration of the Pacific Northwest’s culinary culture and a showcase of regional food and drinks. The event offers hands-on classes, tasting panels for wine and beer, and a dinner series with internationally acclaimed chefs. Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch co-founded it in 2012 with a mission to combat childhood hunger in Oregon. Today, the event is not only seen as a festival where food and drink are celebrated but also as a platform where Oregon can showcase its culinary bounty.

History of Feast Portland

For many in the food and drink industry, Feast Portland is the highlight of the year. The food and drink festival lasts for four days across town with major events, smaller tastings, classes, dinners, and talks drawing in chefs from the U.S. as well as thousands of visitors from both the U.S. and worldwide.

Since its inception in 2012 Feast Portland has prioritized working with charities working to end hunger in Oregon. These partner organizations include Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, No Kid Hungry, Urban Gleaners, and Feed The Mass. Since its first event Feast Portland has raised more than $540,000 and provided for these partner organizations a stage and platform for participants, sponsors, and guests to engage and be educated.

Tickets to the event are usually sold leading up to the day and typically range in price from $25 to $200, and are usually available both a la carte and as packages. Volunteers are also accepted for the event and applications start a few months before September. For a long time, the event was sponsored by “Bon Appétit,” a monthly American food and entertainment magazine. With the sponsorship, the event was called “Bon Appétit Presents Feast Portland.” In 2021, Feast Portland was hosted but without marquee events such as East Coast vs. West Coast and the massive night market (which usually features an international line-up of chefs), and with no media partner. It used the year to celebrate local talent in a bid to bring back the spirit of the early years of the festival.

Feast Portland timeline

The Co-Founders Meet

Future co-founders of Feast Portland, Mike Thelin, and Carrie Welch meet.

The Feast Portland is Celebrated

The first edition of Feat Portland is celebrated.

The Feast Portland Makes a Return

Feat Portland makes a return after a one-year hiatus.

The Feast is Paused

Organizers cite challenges in the food and beverage industry as the reason for canceling all live and in-person events.

Feast Portland FAQs

What month is Feast Portland celebrated?

It is celebrated in September annually.

Who are the founders of Feast Portland?

The founders of Feast Portland are Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch.

When was Feast Portland first celebrated?

It was first celebrated in September 2012.

Feast Portland Activities

  1. Attend Feast Portland

    Attend the event to experience it for yourself. The vibe you get from others at the event will leave you wanting to return year after year.

  2. Raise awareness

    Raise awareness about Feast Portland to attract others to the event. It could be in the form of a social media post or simply by telling a friend verbally.

  3. Volunteer to help out

    Feast Portland accepts volunteers yearly. This can be used as an opportunity to contribute to the cause by donating your time and energy.

5 Facts About Portland

  1. Portland’s name was chosen in a toss-up

    In 1842, the city was just a coin flip away from being named Boston, Oregon.

  2. It’s home to world’s smallest city park

    It is home to Downtown Portland park which is a 61cm ring of flora that was transformed from an unused lamp post cavity into the world’s smallest city park.

  3. There’s a volcano within the city limits

    Portland houses an extinct volcano, but much of the hill is made up of ancient volcanic lava.

  4. It has popular public water fountains

    Portland holds about 52 four-fount bronze fountains as of today.

  5. Bicycle rides are popular in Portland

    As Portland is one of the few cities committed to going green, cycling is prevalent.

Why We Love Feast Portland

  1. We enjoy the food

    Lots of food is showcased during the event. As such it presents an opportunity to taste various delicious dishes.

  2. We get to meet many people

    Feast Portland offers an opportunity to meet lots of people. Everyone comes there to have fun and enjoy good food, from chefs to tourists to locals.

  3. It is a humanitarian event

    The cause of Feast Portland isn’t just to showcase food but to give to charity as well. This humanitarian cause is one of the things that should be supported as well to help those in need.

Feast Portland dates

2024September 16Monday
2025September 16Tuesday
2026September 16Wednesday
2027September 16Thursday
2028September 16Saturday

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