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Design Consciousness Week – October 16-22, 2023

Every year, the Republic of the Philippines celebrates Design Consciousness Week during the third week of October as a proud cultural heritage. The festival this year will take place from October 16 to 22. The Design Center of the Philippines organizes the week to celebrate the creativity and quality of design in the Philippines, as well as the country’s road to being one of the world’s top exporters of quality designs. The week usually includes design sessions and panel talks about ways to enhance various aspects of the design ecosystem. The event has rapidly grown in popularity among designers.

History of Design Consciousness Week

Since 2011, many people have been looking forward to Design Consciousness Week held in the Philippines. Its genuine and organic approach to making design accessible and building a creative community that welcomes everyone, along with its warm, fun, and punchy vibe, have made it an important part of the Philippine design culture. Design Consciousness Week not only celebrates a new milestone for Philippine design, but the week also highlights the role of design as a tool for making impact-driven connections within the design ecosystem.

On the tenth anniversary of the Philippines’ biggest design event, a brand-new design infrastructure was unveiled. Its purpose was to find more ways for the country’s design exports to help the economy. The event took place in October 2011, and it included masterclasses from influential design thinkers who helped make the new design framework. At the event, there was also a virtual workshop and a multimedia show where many talented artists showed off their amazing creativity and skill. The week-long celebration has also grown to include creative spaces for kids to use after school. These spaces show kids how to use modern art tools and encourage them to be creative.

During the Philippines’ design week, there are also performances by artists who use different styles of art. With technology making it easier to connect with people all over the world, the week is a great chance for designers to work together on new ideas for the future.

Design Consciousness Week timeline

19th Century
The Advance of Modern Design

Visual aesthetics and stylistic features usher in a modern design culture

The Art Education Council

The teaching and study of design history as a legitimate academic activity is established by the British Council on Art Education

The Design History Society

An art organization is founded to support the study and understanding of design history.

The Student Essay Prize

A new essay competition is established to reward outstanding student articles that focus on design history.

Design Consciousness Week FAQs

What does design include?

Design involves problem-solving and creativity. A design may also be a mere plan that does not include a production or engineering process although a working knowledge of such processes is usually expected of designers.

What are the four types of design?

The four types of design include business, enterprise, product, and execution design.

Why is design so important?

Good design serves a purpose, communicates a message, and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Design Consciousness Week Activities

  1. Visit The Philippines

    What a great opportunity to visit this beautiful country. Make sure you attend all the design events and workshops from both indigenous and foreign designers.

  2. Attend a masterclass

    Become inspired to be a better designer during this week by keeping tabs on various exciting design events. From interactive sessions to virtual tours, there is never a shortage of design content to inspire creativity. You can also follow various designers on social media and learn about modern tools that inspire the future of design.

  3. Create some designs

    With so many technological tools aiding modern designs, all you ever need to be creative is literally in your smartphone. Get creative on Design Consciousness Week and paint a picture, create a beat or whip up a new form of art. There are no boundaries.

5 Facts About Designs

  1. Visuals are the best form of learning

    The human mind processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and visual aids have been found to increase the learning process by up to 400%.

  2. The ‘sans-serif’ was invented in 1834

    The first lowercase sans-serif type, with its Seven Line Grotesque, was designed by William Thorowgood and released in 1834.

  3. London’s Design Museum was a banana warehouse

    Opened in 1989, London’s Design Museum is housed in what used to be a banana warehouse in the 1940s.

  4. The MTV logo was designed in 1981

    The MTV logo was designed in 1981 by Manhattan Design, an N.Y.C. studio known for its edgy, music-industry work.

  5. The oldest surviving manuscript is from Buddha

    A Buddhist text, known as the “Diamond Sutra” is found to be the oldest surviving printed manuscript.

Why We Love Design Consciousness Week

  1. It inspires conversations about creativity

    Conversations during this week center on leveraging the strengths of creative hubs and communities. The purpose is to spark change in diverse sectors across the world.

  2. It’s the best channel for information

    For decades, designs have been used to summarize chunks of texts. This ability to convey as much information as possible as fast as possible is highly desired by businesses and brands across the world.

  3. It's a great stage for designers to connect globally

    Whether it's the physical masterclass sessions or the virtual tours, designers can easily find a platform to share their ideas. This improved collaboration makes it easier to produce unique designs. It also inspires and educates young designers to know the rules as well as think outside the box.

Design Consciousness Week dates

2022October 17Monday
2023October 16Monday
2024October 21Monday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 19Monday

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