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Day of the Veterans – April 2, 2023

Day of the Veterans, observed on April 2 every year, which is officially referred to as ‘Day of the Veterans and Fallen of the Malvinas War,’ is a public holiday in Argentina, observed in memory of the Argentinian soldiers who participated in the Malvinas War. The holiday’s official name derives from the Falkland Islands, known in Spanish as the ‘Islas Malvinas.’ The holiday is not observed in the Falklands, but rather, a related holiday called Liberation Day is celebrated on June 14 to mark the end of the same war.

History of Day of the Veterans

In the spring of 1982, a string of islands, known as the Falklands, became the object of a war involving the United Kingdom and Argentina as the former battled the sovereign nation of Argentina for control of the islands. The Falklands War, otherwise regarded as the Malvinas War, was a 74-day conflict that resulted as a result of an attempt of the British Empire to ‘grasp what power they still could.’

Britain’s presence in the Falklands dates back as far as 1690 from the time when British Naval Captain John Strong landed on the unpopulated islands for the first time. The British started a settlement on the Falkland Islands sometime in the mid-1700s. However, 10 years after they occupied it, they left the island, meaning that the territory had now come under Spanish control.

In 1820, Argentina— which had newly gained sovereignty — laid claim to the Falklands, on the basis that it was an inheritance from the Spanish crown earlier in the 1800s. This naturally caused a reaction from the British crown, who resisted this new development. Tensions between the two nations eventually erupted, when on March 19, 1982, Argentinian scrap metal workers raised the Argentinian flag at an abandoned whaling station on the island of South Georgia. Two weeks later, on April 2, Argentinian forces moved in at Leith Harbor in South Georgia and overwhelmed the British soldiers there without hurting them.

Day of the Veterans timeline

Captain John Stron

British naval captain John Strong records the first landing on the uninhabited island — the Falklands

British Settlement on the Falklands

In the mid-1700s, the British officially begin to settle on the Falkland Islands.

Argentinians Raise the Flag on South Georgia

On March 19, Argentinian workers set the Argentine flag on the island of South Georgia.

Argentinians Invade South Georgia

On April 2, Argentinian soldiers storm South Georgia, overwhelming the British soldiers there without any incident.

Day of the Veterans FAQs

What Argentine ships perished in the Falkland Islands War?

The first ship was a 7,069-ton armored cruiser that was launched in 1896. She was sunk by the Royal Navy submarine Conqueror on May 2, 1982, during the Falkland Islands War, killing 323 people.

How many aircrafts did the Argentinians lose in the Falklands war?

132 aircrafts were lost.

Is the Falkland Island uninhabited?

No, it isn’t. Though a very small island, it is inhabited by British occupants.

How to Observe Day of the Veterans

  1. Fly the Argentinian flag

    You can fly the Argentinian flag in honor of the day. This will show your support for Argentina.

  2. Read up on the Malvinas War

    Well, it is a public holiday, isn’t it? So how about a little history lesson as to why exactly we have Day of the Veterans? It should be insightful.

  3. Join the conversation online

    Join the online conversation and see what folks are saying about the history behind the holiday. Simply use the #DayoftheVeterans hashtag while at it!

5 Interesting Facts About Argentina

  1. Argentina’s film industry

    Argentina has one of the largest movie industries in Spanish entertainment.

  2. Argentina has had two female presidents

    Cristina Fernández de Kirchner — Argentina’s current Vice President — has served as the nation’s president, and former Vice President Isabel Peron also served as president for two years after her husband’s death.

  3. Argentina pioneered animated feature films

    Argentina is home to the first full-length cartoon, made by Argentine Quirino Cristiani.

  4. Argentina pioneered fingerprinting

    The technology of identification through the method of fingerprinting was pioneered by Argentina.

  5. Plastic surgeries are popular in Argentina

    Argentina has a high rate of plastic surgeries according to reports.

Why Day of the Veterans is Important

  1. Argentina is a beautiful country to visit

    Argentina boasts aesthetically pleasing scenery and very warm people. It makes for a beautiful tourist destination.

  2. Argentina is home to two of soccer’s greatest stars

    Two of the best players in global soccer, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, both come from Argentina! Isn’t this reason enough to celebrate?

  3. Argentina has some great wine

    Argentina has a long wine history, producing a wide range of wines such as Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, and Malbec. One definite reason to love Argentina is the fact that they have great wine.

Day of the Veterans dates

2023April 2Sunday
2024April 2Tuesday
2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday

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