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Conservation Week – September 5-11, 2023

Conservation Week, which will take place this year from September 5 to 11, is still one of New Zealand’s most famous events. The annual tradition, which grew out of one man’s great desire to enhance nature and the environment, has flowered into cultural heritage for both old and young New Zealanders.

Also known as ‘Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Turoa,’ New Zealand’s Conservation Week has proven to be a rather inventive method to motivate New Zealanders to take nature and wildlife more seriously. From enlightening discussions about endangered species to enjoyable conservation activities held at various locations across the country, it’s an easy way for folks to protect what they own while also having fun.

History of Conservation Week

The year was 1967 and while the U.S was celebrating the conclusion of the 1967 World Jamboree in Idaho, the Chief Executive Commissioner of The New Zealand Scout Association, Mr. Selwyn Field carefully observed how the Americans paid particular attention to maintaining their natural environment. Field was inspired by the conservation trails he saw so much that he launched a public education campaign centered around conservation as soon as he returned to New Zealand.

Two years later, the campaign was officially launched at the 1969 Scout Jamboree in Kaiapoi and the first Conservation Week was immediately organized. It encompassed a wide variety of activities and events, such as tree planting, competitions to find the best paintings and essays, lectures and film showings, hikes, and even campaigns against littering. By1970, its event had grown so large that the Nature Conservation Council had to take over its operations to ensure it ran properly.

It didn’t take long for Conservation Week to become a well-known event in New Zealand as a result of the memorable posters, bookmarks, and stickers that were made each year in the 1970s and 1980s connected to the occasion. Famous painters such as Don Binney and Friedensreich Hundertwasser contributed conservation-themed drawings and eye-catching graphics, which aided in increasing the event’s popularity.

The Boy Scouts released a book called ‘This Precious Land’ in 1968, which became an iconic feature of Conservation Week as well as a permanent symbol of the conservation week philosophy.

Conservation Week timeline

The World Jamboree Event Begins

The U.S. hosts the World Jamboree in Idaho.

Conservation Booklet

The Boy Scouts of New Zealand release a book called “The Precious Land” to symbolize the launch of New Zealand conservation week.

Official Campaign Begins

The Conservation campaign launches and the first Conservation Week commences.

New Management

New Zealand’s Nature Conservation Council takes over the management of New Zealand Conservation Week.

More support for Conservation Efforts

Paintings and drawings promoting conservation week gain popularity across Europe.

Conservation Week FAQs

What are the most important environmental issues?

Deforestation, air pollution, global warming, and water pollution

What is meant by environmental conservation?

Environmental conservation is the activity of protecting the natural environment to keep it from collapsing due to human activities such as unsustainable agriculture, deforestation, and the use of fossil fuels.

What is the difference between conservation and preservation?

Conservation is commonly connected with the preservation of natural resources, whereas preservation is commonly associated with the preservation of buildings, artifacts, and landscapes. Simply said, conservation seeks the right use of nature, whereas preservation aims to safeguard it from use.

How to Observe Conservation Week

  1. Participate in conservation activities

    Whether you're planting trees, feeding birds, or just cleaning up around the house, you can participate in conservation activities during Conservation Week. Commemorate the occasion and help take care of Mother Earth.

  2. Visit New Zealand

    If you visit New Zealand during Conservation Week, you'll have the chance to celebrate with the locals and learn about the strategies they use to keep nature in good shape. You'll also learn about the region's several endangered species and the efforts made to rescue them.

  3. Read the Conservation Booklet

    Get a copy of the Conservation Week booklet, “This Precious Land” and learn more about the lives of New Zealanders. You'll be able to appreciate their love for nature and even pick up some environmental ideas.

5 Facts About New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Hobbit money is a legal trader

    New Zealand is the only country authorized to issue legal currency carrying the picture of a hobbit due to its international fame as a result of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy!

  2. The town with the longest name

    There is a town in New Zealand with a name that contains more than 50 characters!

  3. The steepest street in the world

    According to the “Guinness Book of World Records,” Baldwin Street on New Zealand's South Island has a slope of 19 degrees.

  4. The country has three official languages

    New Zealand's official languages are Maori, English, and sign language.

  5. ‘Kiwi’ has more that one meaning

    The word "kiwi" is used in three different ways in Aotearoa — it refers to both individuals born in the country and the kiwi bird, which acts as a national symbol.

Why Conservation Week is Important

  1. Opportunity to learn about nature and wildlife

    Conservation Week brings people together to work toward a more positive outlook on our natural world. Conservation Week makes it simple for everyone to jump on board.

  2. It helps to improve cultural identities

    With so much legacy being lost to digital platforms, Conservation Week simply creates an atmosphere for both the young and old to work together for sake of nature. It makes it much easier to spread environmental and educational information.

  3. It helps to keep environmental care on everyone’s mind

    It's difficult to remember to care about nature or wildlife preservation when you have a never-ending to-do list and unexpected meetings. Having a yearly event like Conservation Week helps to guarantee that natural resources and wildlife are well-cared for.

Conservation Week dates

2022September 5Monday
2023September 5Tuesday
2024September 5Thursday
2025September 5Friday
2026September 5Saturday

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