Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky was born on September 19, 1990, in Cherkasky, Russia, but she moved to Israel at the young age of two and later to Canada when she was just 19. She is most famously known as a model, YouTuber, and social media personality, and her content consists mostly of make-up tutorials and nutritional advice for her followers. Her YouTube channel was created in December 2013, and since then, aside from steadily building an online community, she has also started an e-commerce company called Verie that sells everything from athletic wear to sunglasses.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Valeria Lipovetsky

Birth date:

September 19, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.6 million

Valeria's Social Media:


Valeria Lipovetsky is a Russian model and social media celebrity who was born on September 19, 1990, in Cherkasky, Russia. Her parents’ names are Igor and Victoria, and she also has a brother called Dennis. At the young age of two, her family relocated to Israel, where she spent a lot of her formative years. When she was 19, she moved to Canada, where she now resides. She has a three-country nationality (Russian/Canadian/Israeli) and can speak three languages as well: English, Hebrew, and Russian.

She gained most of her fame from her YouTube channel, as a lifestyle influencer who shares her passion for self-love, beauty, fashion, and nutrition in her content. Lipovetsky reaches thousands of people every day and connects deeply with her followers while giving them an intimate look into her life. As a registered holistic nutritionist, she often posts videos about it and has even received and reviewed products, both connected and not to this area of expertise.

In 2012, she married businessman Gary Lipovetsky, with whom she has three sons: Benjamin, Jake, and Maximus. Her most viewed YouTube video was her pregnancy transformation video, which reached over 100 million views and documented the process, how her body changed, and everything she felt comfortable sharing. Currently, she is taking it easy in order to spend more time with her growing family, although this doesn’t stop her from modeling from time to time and still posting YouTube and TikTok videos about her lifestyle, including content about her travels and everyday life.

Career timeline

Valeria Lipovetsky Gets Married

She ties the knot with Canadian businessman Gary Lipovetsky.

She Starts a YouTube Channel

Lipovetsky opens an account on the famous video hosting website.

The First Video

She posts her first vlog video and continues to post regularly.

Her Pregnancy Video Goes Viral

The video documenting her pregnancy gets millions of views.

Why We Love Valeria Lipovetsky

  1. She has a go-getter attitude

    Her passionate, go-getter attitude and authentic, fun-loving personality lead her to believe in staying true to herself with a mix of trying new things and inspiring others. An incredible way of living life.

  2. She’s a storyteller

    In her blog, she posts a lot of interesting content on fashion, health, self-help, and nutrition tips in a very accessible way. So, go give her a follow!

  3. She’s inspirational

    She has modeled for many top agencies, has her own brand, and is a mother of three. Is there anything she can’t do?

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite actor is Ryan Gosling

    In an interview, she stated that her favorite actors of all time are Gosling, as well as Tom Cruise.

  2. She’s Jewish

    The model has openly expressed her Jewish background.

  3. Her favorite sport is football

    She is a big fan of Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi.

  4. Her husband is much older

    Lipovetsky and her husband have an 18-year age gap.

  5. She’s afraid of pigeons

    She says she's very afraid of pigeons and isn't even able to look at a pigeon doll.

Valeria Lipovetsky FAQs

How did Valeria and Gary Lipovetsky meet?

They met at a party in Toronto.

How old was Valeria Lipovetsky when she got married?

She got married when she was in her early 20s.

Is Gary Lipovetsky Russian?

His parents immigrated to Canada from the Soviet Union, but he is Canadian.

Valeria Lipovetsky’s birthday dates

2023September 19Tuesday
2024September 19Thursday
2025September 19Friday
2026September 19Saturday
2027September 19Sunday

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