Natalie Viscuso

Natalie Viscuso was born on December 11, 1990, in Mexico. She’s now a successful business executive in the U.S. Viscuso is also dating Henry “Superman” Cavill and has fans divided. While unwarranted comments come with the territory of being famous, she’s been getting a lot of online hate for no reason. To many, she’s the lucky rich girl dating a celebrity. But there’s so much more to Viscuso than that. Are you ready? This one’s a deep dive to explore more about her.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Natalie M. Viscuso

Birth date:

December 11, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$4 million

Natalie's Social Media:


Natalie Viscuso. Why does that name sound familiar, some might ask? It’s because you’ve likely seen her on T.V. before. In 2005, Viscuso arrived on the scene in M.T.V.’s “My Super Sweet 16.” Yes, the same show about spoiled rich teens. Viscuso came across as an entitled California girl. But she’s often spoken about how different life was in Roswell. Viscuso never grew up wealthy and lived with her aunt and uncle. Her mother had died after a brave battle with cancer. Life was quiet and tough in what she called the “nothingness of Roswell, New Mexico.”

The show followed 15-year-old Viscuso’s new life in California. She had recently moved from sleepy Roswell, into a surreal California life with her wealthy father and stepmother. Viscuso cruised around town in her father’s Ferraris and Bentleys. Most viewers will remember her as the girl who wanted to be the most popular in school. How did she achieve this when she was herself the new girl? By throwing a party for 1,000 people, where freshmen and “losers” weren’t allowed. Things go quiet after her adventures on reality T.V. MTV reported that she may have gone to college in Austin, Texas. We don’t know what happened in the interim but the Viscuso who emerged later was virtually unrecognizable. In 2018, she became the vice president of Legendary Entertainment, a digital studio and television company.

Here’s where things get interesting. Legendary Entertainment is one of the companies behind “Enola Holmes” — the 2020 movie starring Henry Cavill. In April 2021, newspapers published pictures of the couple together. Soon after, Cavill and Viscuso confirmed their relationship.

Career timeline

She’s Born

Natalie Viscuso is born on December 11 in Mexico.

She Takes California and T.V. by Storm

Viscuso flaunts her glamorous life on M.T.V.’s “Super Sweet 16.”

A New Woman

Viscuso becomes vice president of Legendary Entertainment.

Pictures Surface of Viscuso and Cavill

The “Daily Mail” publishes photos of the two holding hands.

Why We Love Natalie Viscuso

  1. She’s inspirational

    Viscuso worked hard to get where she is today. That’s an impressive feat in a world quick to judge women’s histories and choices.

  2. A poster girl for transformation

    Viscuso seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth after “My Super Sweet 16.” But she emerged years later as a powerful and successful woman.

  3. She owns who she is

    Whether she’s killing it in boardrooms or throwing an epic party, Viscuso does so with confidence. Her new image speaks of an ability to introspect and change as well.

Why We Love

  1. She’s private

    Viscuso has shed her party-girl image and prefers a quiet life these days.

  2. She studied cinema

    She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Cinematic Arts.

  3. She is wealthy, beautiful, and intelligent

    While at U.S.C., Viscuso was a member of several honors societies and made the Dean’s List.

  4. She wasn’t the nicest teen

    Viscuso invited her two closest friends from Roswell so they could go back and talk about her new life with people who had been mean to her.

  5. The rich new girl in school

    Besides the epic party she threw, people in her school knew her because of the fancy cars she drove.

Natalie Viscuso FAQs

Who is Natalie Viscuso?

Viscuso’s LinkedIn states that she was formerly vice president of Legendary Entertainment. She’s now a Hollywood executive.

Who is Henry Cavill’s girlfriend now?

Cavill and Viscuso made their relationship Instagram-official in 2022.

Who is Henry Cavill in love with?

Cavill posted a selfie with girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso in 2021. He famously asked trolls to stop the online vitriol. Cavill said he would be “enormously grateful” if people could be happy for him.

Natalie Viscuso’s birthday dates

2023December 11Monday
2024December 11Wednesday
2025December 11Thursday
2026December 11Friday
2027December 11Saturday

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