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Joie Chavis, born September 27, 1988, is known as an Instagram model, influencer, entrepreneur, health and fitness advisor, and also known as the mom of rapper Bow Wow and Future’s kids. Chavis started her career as a music video backup dancer. She later gained popularity during her relationship with rapper Bow Wow and later had his daughter, Shai Moss. She is also the mother of rapper Future’s son, Hendrix Wilburn. Chavis has her lifestyle brand and fitness wear clothing line called Jolie In Life and is known for sharing health and fitness advice, workout routines, and diet tips.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Joie Chavis



Birth date:

September 27, 1988



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Joie's Social Media:


Joie Chavis, born on September 27, 1988, has several titles to her name: Instagram model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, dancer, and fitness trainer. She was born in Torrance, California, and has one sister, Phatara Chavis. After graduating from high school, Chavis attended the University of California and also performed as a backup dancer in music videos for a few prominent artists, such as Bow Wow, Janelle Monáe, Tank, Future, and Eric Bellinger. She currently has an Instagram following of over two million and has grown her following with a variety of fitness videos, health tips, a few of her lifestyle pictures, and dancing videos.

Chivas gained more popularity after starting a romantic relationship with Bow Wow in 2010. The couple birthed their daughter, Shai Moss, in 2011. Sadly their relationship ended in 2013, however, rekindled in 2016 for the sake of their daughter, resulting in another relationship failure in 2017. Not too long after, in 2018, Chivas fell pregnant with her then-boyfriend and popular rapper, Future, and gave birth to his son, Hendrix Wilburn, later in the same year.

In a venture to achieve her goals, Chivas opened up an online store, ShopLittleShai, named after her daughter in 2017, that sells clothing and accessories. She later launched her lifestyle brand in 2019 called Jolie In Life, a website that has several online workout programs, dance classes, and training gear. She also launched her fitness wear called Jolie In Life and swimwear called J.N.L. Swim, which she sells on her website. Her health and fitness tips and choreographed dances can also be found on her YouTube channel.

Career timeline

Chivas Starts Dance Classes

After graduating from high school, Chivas starts dance classes.

Starts Backup Dancing

Chivas starts back up dancing in music videos for prominent music artists.

Gains Popularity As Bow Wow’s Girlfriend

Chivas becomes popular during her relationship with Bow Wow and has his child.

Opens Up an Online Store

Chavis opens up an online store named after her daughter ShopLittleShai.

Starts A Lifestyle Brand

Chavis starts a lifestyle brand Jolie In Life and shares swimwear J.N.L. Swim on the website.

Why We Love Joie Chavis

  1. She encourages a healthy lifestyle

    Chivas does not promote fast foods and unhealthy living on her platform. She uses her Instagram and YouTube to share her workout routines, tips, and healthy eating advice, which is truly inspirational. Her channels are the right pages to follow for some health and fitness inspiration!

  2. She’s a supermom

    A mother of two and an entrepreneur, Chavis makes sure to spend her free time with her kids. She is often seen spending time with them at parks.

  3. She’s a great dancer

    She’s an awesome dancer and choreographer. If you’re looking for some dance inspiration, we recommend heading over to her Instagram and YouTube.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was labeled a “gold digger”

    After becoming the mother of two rapper’s kids, people accused her of “securing her bag.”

  2. She has full custody of her daughter

    For unknown reasons, Chivas has full custody of her daughter and receives support.

  3. She suffered from postpartum depression

    After the birth of Future’s son, Hendrix, Chavis suffered from depression.

  4. She was interested in rap

    Chavis revealed that in high school, she attempted to write and perform her rap songs.

  5. She prefers shopping alone

    Chivas prefers shopping alone and revealed that her favorite clothing color is black.

Joie Chavis FAQs

Why choose Joie Fitness Equipment?

Joie’s fitness equipment is designed to give its users optimal results and a quality workout routine.

Is ShopLittleShai still open?

Chavis started her online store ShopLittleShai in 2017, however, is not seen promoting the store as much as she used to in the beginning.

Who are Joie Chavis’s parents?

Chavis’s parents are Peter and Mary Chavis. Her father worked as a chef.

Joie Chavis’s birthday dates

2023September 27Wednesday
2024September 27Friday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 27Sunday
2027September 27Monday

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