Han Jisung

Han Jisung, born on September 14, 2000, in Incheon, South Korea, is one of the best rappers in Korea. Jisung became famous for participating in the J.Y.P. auditions and earned more fame by joining the band Stray Kids. Stray Kids released their first mixtape in March 2018, titled ‘I Am Not,’ and released their studio album, “Go Live,” in June 2020. Jisung’s role model is Block B’s Zico.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Han Jisung



Birth date:

September 14, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Han's Social Media:


Han Jisung is one of the famous rappers in the Kpop industry and is loved by millions of fans worldwide. He was born on September 14, 2000, in Incheon, South Korea. His family moved to Malaysia when Jisung was eight, where he attended Fairview International school. He returned to South Korea when he was 14.

Jisung gained popularity as one of the rappers for the band, Stray Kids, which featured on the J.Y.P. Entertainment and Mnet reality series. Other members of the band are Yang Jeongin, Kim Seungmin, and Lee Felix. They were chosen from the reality survival show “Stray Kids.” Jisung initially accompanied his friend to the J.Y.P. audition but ended up signing up. Stray Kids released their first mixtape in March 2018, titled ‘I Am Not,’ and released their studio album, “Go Live,” in June 2020. In 2020, Jisung had a solo song titled ‘Close,’ with over 10 million views on Youtube. In August 2021, the band released their second studio album, “No Easy.” Jisung is also a member of 3RACHA, the hip-hop sub-unit which consists of Bang Chan and Changbin. He performs under the name ‘J.One.’

Jisung’s income comes from record sales, contracts, endorsements, and sponsorships. Jisung once faced backlash after using the ‘N’-word in one of his rap songs and had to issue an apology. Jisung used to have braces and glasses, but he has since taken off the braces and switched to contact lenses. Jisung chose ‘Han’ as his stage name because he loves the syllable.

Career timeline

Stray Kids E.P.

Jisung and his band members release their first mixtape, ‘I Am Not.’

The Most Viewed Solo Song Video

Jisung's ‘Close’ official music video on Youtube gets over 10 million views.

Stray Kids First Album

Jisung releases "Go Live" with his fellow band members.

A Solo Song

Jisung releases the single ‘Alien,’ which currently has close to six million views on Youtube.

Why We Love Han Jisung

  1. He is bilingual

    We admire Jisung's ability to speak English and Korean very fluently. Bilinguals are frequently more inventive and adaptable. They can be more receptive and find it simpler to concentrate on several things simultaneously.

  2. Jisung trained at D.E.F Academy

    He trained himself in rap so he could understand his skills better. We love that for him!

  3. He had braces

    When he was younger, Jisung used to wear braces. We are sure he must have looked fantastic in them!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He plays the guitar

    Jisung is not only a talented rapper but also a good instrumentalist.

  2. He loves cake

    Jisung's guilty pleasures are cheesecake and chocolate cake.

  3. He has trypophobia

    Jisung is scared of repeated patterns of holes.

  4. He loves red

    Jisung’s favorite color is red.

  5. His favorite movie genre

    Jisung loves to watch horror movies and finds them fascinating.

Han Jisung FAQs

How long did Han Jisung live in Malaysia?

Jisung stayed there for six years in Ampang.

Why did Han Jisung take a break?

He took a break due to psychological anxiety in 2019.

Is Han Jisung a rapper or vocalist?

He is the main rapper of the group and also acts as a lead vocalist.

Han Jisung’s birthday dates

2023September 14Thursday
2024September 14Saturday
2025September 14Sunday
2026September 14Monday
2027September 14Tuesday

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