Bunchie Young

Los Angeles native Bunchie Young, born on December 9, 2006, was just nine years old when he showed off his natural talent on the field — in both football and track. His super-speed and talent at football got him the moniker of prodigy. Special Bunchie Young football clips on YouTube have amassed millions of views, and he’s already caught the attention of college recruiters across the nation. Then came a National Football League commercial that took Young’s fame to an all-time high. This football sensation’s dedication to his sport is only growing, and today, we’re celebrating him.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Maxwell Young



Birth date:

December 9, 2006



Zodiac Sign:



5' 0"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Maxwell's Social Media:


Maxwell Young was born to Dave and Laura Young — now Deshazor — on December 9, 2009, in Los Angeles, California. His incredible speed, which has made him a nationwide track star, was first discovered by his dad when Young was only three. According to Dave Young, Young junior began running down their driveway so fast that Young Sr. was surprised, speechless, and awed all at once. He immediately realized Young had inborn talent — and lots of it.

Young Sr. then enrolled Young in a local team around the same time, where they trained him to run and play football beginning at four years of age. He was already so good that he led the team to victory many times.

Then came the defining moment in Young’s life — he ran a 100-yard dash when he was only nine, and ended up breaking a world record. National recognition came knocking soon after when people saw his skills at football. It was all uphill from there. Major accolades, and scholarships, followed, and Young even got a spot in an N.F.L. commercial in 2020.

Young attends KIPP Scholar Academy, a public charter school in South Los Angeles, and competes with his school’s football team in multiple football organizations like the Hub City Tar Heels Youth Football organization. His little sister Maxine can occasionally be seen hanging out with him at his training sessions and games. Young’s dedication to being the best is incredible, especially given his young age. He trained at the Norwalk California gym every day of the week to improve his agility and strength. He’s even appeared on YouTube channels famous for featuring sports stars.

Young might be one of the most famous kids in America today, but he’s still a warm and down-to-earth kid who someday dreams of playing in the N.F.L., winning the championship ring, and becoming mayor. In his interviews, he’s quoted as saying he’s a natural teammate, which is why he chose to be a football player rather than a track-and-field star. He likes the working together aspect of team sports and the bonding that comes with it.

Career timeline

Bunchie Young is ‘SportsKid of the Year’

“Sports Illustrated” announces Young as ‘SportsKid of the Year’ with an appearance on the cover of the magazine.

He Breaks a World Record

Young runs a 100-yard dash in just 12.4 seconds, creating a new world record and breaking the old one after 10 years.

He Gets a Scholarship Offer

A 10-year-old Young is offered a full athletic scholarship to play football for the University of Illinois's Fighting Illini.

He is in a SuperBowl Commercial

The “Next 100” commercial airs ahead of the Super Bowl LIV and shows Young running around the country with a football and encountering major N.F.L. stars.

Why We Love Bunchie Young

  1. Who doesn’t love a prodigy?

    He’s considered a child prodigy and that, in itself, is impressive. And it’s difficult not to love a kid like Young, with his bright-colored hair and his can-do-it attitude. He is pretty cool as well. Everyone wants to be like Bunchie.

  2. His talent is incredible

    All you have to do to confirm this is to watch a clip or two of Young on the field. He is seriously talented, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

  3. His story is very inspiring

    He’s an athlete extraordinaire, he’s keeping up with his studies, he’s on the student council at school, and he’s not naturally boastful. Did we mention he likes being on teams because of the whole team bonding thing? His attitude and dedication inspire even us to get up and play a sport, so we can only imagine his effect on kids his own age.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Barry Sanders is his inspiration

    Young puts the N.F.L. Hall of Famer at the top of his list of biggest football inspirations.

  2. He has his own reality show

    When most kids would have sat on their accomplishments, Young starred in his own reality show called "Bunchie!"

  3. He wants to own a football team

    Apart from being in the N.F.L. and even becoming a broadcaster, Young has announced that he wants to own his own football team one day.

  4. His father once wanted him to quit

    He had concerns that the youngster's rigorous training would harm his health even before he starts high school.

  5. He tries to set a good example

    He always posts inspiring and supportive messages on his Instagram to his followers.

Bunchie Young FAQs

Does Bunchie Young have any offers?

Young already has a college scholarship, and he’s caught the interest of many other college recruiters.

What movies did Bunchie Young young play in?

Young has acted — as himself — in the reality shows “Bunchie!” and “No Days Off.”

Which grade is Bunchie Young in?

In 2022, Young was in the eight grade at KIPP Scholar Academy.

Bunchie Young’s birthday dates

2023December 9Saturday
2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday

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