American Holidays

Despite only being a few hundred years old, America has plenty of unique holidays and cultural events. Check out our list of the most patriotic days out there—from the 4th of July to Mickey Mouse Day.





Jan. 12

National Pharmacist DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 14

National Clean Your Desk DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 15

Martin Luther King's BirthdayCauseOther

Jan. 17

Michelle Obama’s BirthdayGovernmentOther

Jan. 18

National Winnie the Pooh DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Jan. 20

National DJ DayCareerU.S.

Jan. 25

National Fun at Work DayFunU.S.

Feb. 1

National Bubble Gum DayFunU.S.

Feb. 3

National Women Physicians DayCareerU.S.

Feb. 18

Presidents' DayFederalU.S.

Apr. 3

National Find a Rainbow DayFunU.K., U.S.

Jun. 14

Army BirthdayFederalU.S.

Jul. 25

National Wine and Cheese DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jul. 26

National Coffee Milkshake DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Jul. 30

National Father-in-Law DayFamilyU.S.

Jul. 31

National Avocado DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Aug. 4

U.S. Coast Guard BirthdayFederalU.S.

Aug. 5

Work Like a Dog DayAnimalsU.S.

Aug. 19

National Aviation DayTechnologyU.S.

Sep. 18

National Cheeseburger DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Sep. 26

Johnny Appleseed DayU.S.

Sep. 29

National Starbucks DayBrandU.S.

Oct. 1

National Hair DayFunU.S.

Oct. 2

National Custodian DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 5

National Be Nice DayFunU.S.

Oct. 6

​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter DayFamilyU.S.

Oct. 6

National Mad Hatter DayFunU.S.

Oct. 7

​National Frappe DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Oct. 11

National Kimberly DayFunU.S.

Oct. 12

National Savings DayFinancialU.S.

Oct. 13

Navy BirthdayFederalU.S.

Oct. 15

​National I Love Lucy DayFunU.S.

Oct. 15

National Grouch DayFunU.S.

Oct. 16

​National Liqueur DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Oct. 16

National Pharmacy Technician DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 17

National Edge DayCulturalU.S.

Oct. 17

National Medical Assistants DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 17

National Pay Back a Friend DayRelationshipsU.S.

Oct. 18

National No Beard DayFashionU.S.

Oct. 20

National Day on WritingEducationU.S.

Oct. 21

National Reptile Day AnimalsU.S.

Oct. 23

National Croc DayFashionU.S.

Oct. 23

National Paralegal DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 23

Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day FunU.S.

Oct. 26

National Chicken Fried Steak DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Oct. 27

​National Drug Take Back DayHealthU.S.

Oct. 27

​National Mentoring DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 28

​National First Responders DayCareerU.S.

Oct. 28

​National Immigrants DayCauseU.S.

Oct. 29

National Oatmeal DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Nov. 1

​National Calzone DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Nov. 3

National Bison DayAnimalsU.S.

Nov. 5

National Hot Sauce DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Nov. 5

National Redhead DayFashionU.S.

Nov. 8

​National Cappuccino DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Nov. 10

Marine Corps BirthdayFederalU.S.

Nov. 15

National Drummer DayCareerU.S.

Nov. 15

National Philanthropy DayCauseU.S.

Nov. 15

National Recycling DayEnvironmentalU.S.

Nov. 15

National Rural Health DayHealthU.S.

Nov. 17

National Take a Hike DayFunU.S.

Nov. 19

National Camp DayEnvironmentalU.S.

Nov. 20

Transgender Day of RemembranceCauseU.S.

Nov. 22

National Day of MourningCauseU.S.

Dec. 6

National Miners DayCareerU.S.

Dec. 7

National Cotton Candy DayFood & BeverageU.S.

Dec. 8

National Bartender DayCareerU.S.

Dec. 9

National Llama DayAnimalsU.S.

Dec. 12

​National Ding-A-Ling DayFunU.S.

Dec. 12

National Poinsettia DayFunMexico, U.S.

Dec. 13

National Violin DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Dec. 13

U.S. National Guard BirthdayFederalU.S.

Dec. 14

National Free Shipping DayFunU.S.

Dec. 14

National Salesperson DayCareerU.S.

Dec. 15

National Wreaths Across America Day CauseU.S.

Dec. 19

National Emo DayArts & EntertainmentU.S.

Dec. 22

​National Short Person DayFunU.S.

Where did American holidays come from?

American holidays celebrate American history, American sacrifice, American innovation, American pop culture, and —of course—good old American cuisine.

How to submit an American holiday

Are we missing an American holiday? Please shoot us a message on our Submit page, and let us know a little about the history and cultural significance of the day or festival. Thank you for helping us make National Today as comprehensive as possible!

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